Our accident aftercare includes:

  • A replacement vehicle during the repair process.
  • Assurance that your damaged vehicle will be directed to an approved repair centre.
  • Representation in dealing with insurers.
  • Access to professional legal advice for any uninsured loss or compensation queries.
  • 24/7 support, every day of the year.

By calling our Accident Aftercare number on 0845 052 9852, we'll ensure that your car gets to our approved CUPRA repair centre guaranteeing that it receives the specialist and technical expertise that it needs and deserves. Our CUPRA trained technicians understand your car's complexities and know how to repair them correctly first time. They'll always use genuine CUPRA parts and CUPRA approved repair methods. 

To qualify for this service you must be registered for the Accident Aftercare Service.


At each of our body shops, our manufacturer-trained repairers only use genuine parts and paint to ensure that your CUPRA is returned to you in the best possible condition. If you purchased your Audi from us then you can also benefit from a free equivalent temporary replacement vehicle while we work on your car.

Remember it is your decision which repairer you want to use, not your insurers.

Your insurer could send you to a non-manufacturer approved repairer, which could affect the terms of your paint and body warranty. Choose us, and rest assured that your CUPRA will be restored to the highest standards.

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