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A variety of Renault Master vans driving across a bridge at night


Large vans are a huge section of the light commercial vehicles segment and if you're looking for options for your business it's likely that you're looking for something with large payloads and cargo volumes.

Fortunately most manufacturers offer a solid large van option as part of their range of commercial vehicles and they mostly offer lots of options in body styles too.

Electric vans are now more readily available in the commercial vehicle market as many brands start to move their commercial offerings towards greener engines as well as their passenger cars.

A blue Ford Transit van is parked in front of shipping containers
Rear view of a blue Ford Transit van in a warehouse, showing cargo in the back
Side view of a blue Ford Transit in front of red shipping containers

Ford Transit

The instantly recognisable Ford Transit was first manufactured by the brand as a cargo van in 1965 and has since evolved to suit the practical needs of businesses today. As a result many instantly think of it when they think of a large panel van.

The Ford Transit has a maximum payload of 2457kg and a maximum load volume of 15.1 cubic metres. This is matched with the option to add on shoulder and waist height cargo area trim boards, a load retention pack, and cargo area management systems to utilise the space in the rear of the van to its maximum potential.

There's an enormous amounts of additional kit that you can add on, including useful tools like adaptive cruise control, which work great with the standard features included like lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and autonomous emergency braking.

There are several diesel engines available with varying power outputs but also the option for a heavy duty truck engine if you don't think a standard engine will work well enough for you. In an effort to improve efficiency and fuel economy the diesel engines they are also supported by mild hybrid technology.

Ford has also pushed into electric vans with the Transit to make it available as the E-Transit which offers a range up to 196 miles and a rapid charge to 80% that makes as little as 34 minutes. It's load space stays the same as the combustion variant but it does lose some of it's maximum payload which is reduced to 1758kg.

Ford Transit

A dark grey Mercedes Sprinter drives along a muddy road showing the side and front of the van
A dark grey Mercedes Sprinter drives through water in a wooded area

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter was introduced by the brand in 1995 and was voted International Van of the Year the same year. Now in its third generation its a big van with multiple uses across many industries and continues to win awards such as Best Large Van at the Fleet News Awards in 2021 and winner of Most Reliable Van five years in a row at the FN50 Awards.

There's a choice of diesel engines with various power outputs for the Mercedes Sprinter and one front wheel drive option with all others coming as a rear wheel drive engine. The Sprinter also comes as an electric van, the eSprinter, which offers a range of 95 miles and rapid charging to 80% in 30 minutes.

Whilst the range isn't as high as some other vans, it does make it a great option for those doing urban deliveries, especially as Mercedes' own research found that the average commercial vehicle does less than 62 miles per day in Europe.

The Mercedes Sprinter will give you a load space volume up to 17 cubic metres depending on which wheelbase and set up you opt for whilst taking a maximum payload of 3175kg, making it easy to see why it wins the awards that it does.

Mercedes Vans

A blue Volkswagen Crafter parked in an open paved area
Interior of the Volkswagen Crafter looking across to the driver side showing all controls
Side view of a Volkswagen Crafter showing the rear of the van

Volkswagen Crafter

The Volkswagen Crafter was a large van introduced in 2006 and had previously been a rebadged version of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter until 2017 when Volkswagen designed and built the new model themselves. Elsewhere it's also sold by MAN Truck and Bus as the MAN TGE.

The Crafter is available as a panel van with many options for specialist conversions for functions such as mobility access, emergency services vehicles, and mobile breakdown assistance vans. There are also a lot of options available for your Crafter too, including useful features like a swivelling driver's seat, integrated sat nav with a touchscreen interface, adaptive cruise control, and LED headlights with LED daytime running lights.

The Load space volume is up to 18.4 cubic metres and a payload up to 1575kg thanks to a medium, long, and long wheelbase maxi options. This allows the max load length to be anywhere between 3.2 metres and 4.8 metres and you to carry as much as you need to at all times.

There are four diesel engines available for the Crafter with power outputs varying from 102PS to 177PS and a combination of front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and 4Motion all wheel drive across this range.

Volkswagen Crafter

A blue Renault Master parked in an open grassy area
Interior of the Renault Master showing the driver side and all controls
The rear of a blue Renault Master with the doors open and the cargo space filled with boxes

Renault Master

The Renault Master is an incredibly versatile large van option. It offers a huge range of options including several panel van variants, different roof heights, different wheelbases, and varying body lengths so that you can configure a van that fits with your business needs exactly.

Depending on the setup that you choose for your Renault Master, the maximum payload will be anywhere between 837kg and 2061kg and the load space volume ranges from 8 cubic metres to 20 cubic metres.

There are a choice of diesel engines in varying power outputs with either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, continuing to make the Master adaptable to your needs. Not all engine options are available on every drive train so make sure to check which is available for your desired setup.

The Renault Master is also available as an electric van, the Master ZE, with a range of 126 miles in real time use. On a public charging point it can charge up to 80% in an hour and thirty minutes, ideal if you're parked up for a job or doing some work in the cab.

Renault Master

Front and side view of a silver Vauxhall Movano parked in an open space
Looking out from inside the empty cargo space of the Vauxhall Movano
Rear and side view of a silver Vauxhall Movano showing the side and rear doors open and cargo inside

Vauxhall Movano

The Vauxhall Movano is a rebadged version of the Fiat Ducato, a joint venture between FCA Italy and Stellantis, having previously been based on the Renault Master. Most recently Vauxhall has added on options for chassis cab and chassis crew cabs so that you can opt to build yours as a tipper, dropside, Luton van, or curtainsider.

The Movano comes with a good range of standard equipment including Vauxhall Connect, hill start assist, daytime running lights, and remote control central locking but also has a selection of options that can be added on too. These include blind spot detection and rear traffic alert, a speed limiter, rear parking sensors, and a rear view camera.

There are a selection of diesel engines with a maximum power output of 165PS and the Vauxhall Movano also offers electric versions, named the Movano-e, with an EV range of 130 miles and a rapid charge up to 80% in an hour. Unique to the Movano is the addition of three separate buttons in place of a stick to choose which driving mode you'd like to be in: drive, neutral, or reverse.

You can expect a payload of up to 2100kg and load space volume that ranges from 7.8 cubic metres all the way up to 17 cubic metres. As with other vans in the list this is a large van that is versatile and more than apt for carrying large amounts.

Vauxhall Movano

A grey Nissan Interstar sitting in an empty warehouse
A person walks past a grey Nissan Interstar in front of a large red brick building

Nissan Interstar

The Nissan Interstar is the same van as the Renault Master but it's main difference is that the Master has an electric version where the Interstar does not.

There's a selection of storage space inside the cabin of the large van such as overhead parcel shelves and a closed glove box as well as a driver's seat that has full adjustment including longitudinal and height adjustment, backrest inclination, and lumbar adjustment.

Similarly to the Renault Master there are a huge range of setups available for the Nissan Interstar. So whether you need large panel vans, tipper variants, or chassis cabs you can choose an Interstar that will be able to be adapted to your business needs. As a result the Interstar has a maximum payload up to 1587kg and a cargo volume up to 17 cubic metres with a max load length up to 4.4m.

You can choose form either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive for your new van with a selection of diesel engines available to choose from. Much like the Master, not every engine option and drive train is available for every set up so best to check before you buy.

Nissan Interstar


Large vans are plentiful in the commercial vehicle market so being able to find one that suits your needs exactly shouldn't be too difficult. However, if you're still unsure or you have further questions then our team at Clark Commercials are always on hand to help.

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