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Land Rover Gap Insurance

Did you know, that when your car if your car is declared a write-off, you could be left with significantly less money than what your vehicle was worth before the incident. However at Pentland Land Rover, we have a solution that will minimise this financial risk, Guaranteed Asset Protection, also known as GAP insurance. Gap insurance is additional cover which protects your Land Rover finances should your car be written off due to an accident, fire, floor or theft. In short, Land Rover Gap Insurance gives you additional peace of mind that you will not be left with less money than what your vehicle was worth before the unforeseen incident.

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What is GAP Insurance ?

As the name hints, Gap Insurance protects you from financial shortfall by topping up the insurance companies’ settlement to make up the market value of your vehicle before the unforeseen incident occurred. Most people are unaware that motor insurance companies often only compensate you for the current value of your commercial vehicle and not the value of your van before it was written off, which is why GAP insurance is incredibly popular. If you are interested in GAP insurance for your Land Rover, contact our Pentland dealerships in Dundee, Perth, Stirling, Edinburgh East, Edinburgh West or Elgin and speak to someone from our service team who will be happy to inform you of all the benefits of Land Rover Gap Insurance.