The Effects of Adverse Weather Conditions

How Poor Road Conditions Can Affect Your Tyres

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Rain and snow can make having a car more of a boost than ever before, but bad weather can take its toll, particularly on your tyres.

When the temperature drops standard tyres stiffen. They become harder and less elastic, and this reduces their performance on the road. Your car’s handling might become less precise, and if you need to brake suddenly you could find yourself in trouble, as stopping distances are increased.

The problems are amplified when it starts raining. Slippery roads are even harder to brake quickly on, and repeated use in wet conditions can further lessen the grip on your tyres.

And then there’s every driver’s nightmare – ice and snow. While it’s best to avoid driving in these conditions, sometimes you have to. But the more you brave icy roads, the less effective your standard tyres will be, and the more you’ll be putting your own safety, and that of your passengers, at risk.

One of the best ways to improve your car’s safety, and performance, in winter conditions, is to fit it with winter tyres. These typically contain silica, which helps the tyre to remain flexible at low temperatures. The tread pattern is designed in a way that avoids getting blocked up with snow, and there are more sipes, to improve grip.

If you’re interested in improving your car’s handling and braking efficiency over the coming months, choose winter tyres at John Clark Group. Our expert technicians can find the right winter tyres for your car, and can fit them and have you back on the road in no time.

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