Winter Tyres From John Clark Motor Group

With Winter rapidly approaching, now is the ideal time to get your car prepared for the harsh weather conditions that can seriously affect your car's ability to remain safe on the road. Rain and snow are only part of the picture, as freezing temperates can affect the compound of your tyres as well as the road surface.

John Clark Motor Group have tyre specialists at each of our dealerships across Scotland. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to walk you through what sort of tyres would be suitable for your vehicle. You can even buy your tyres online.

Why use winter tyres?

When there's a cold snap on the way it's worth doing everything possible to make driving safe. Lower temperatures play havoc with standard tyres, reducing their grip and making them stiffen, and if the heavens open, rain, ice and snow can compound your issues.

Fitting winter tyres is the tried, tested and approved option to boost your car's safety in the colder months. These special tyres are designed to be flexible, even when the elements are causing summer tyres to harden. They're also patterned in a way that makes it trickier for snow to stick in the gaps, ensuring they retain their grip for longer. Key to the success of winter tyres is the use of advanced silica compounds, which enable them to remain flexible even when the temperature plummets.

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How winter affects your tyres

Every driver knows the huge effect ice and snow can have on their car. They can leave you unable to climb simple slopes, and have you skidding dangerously on the road, and also dramatically reduce the performance of your tyres.

The cold alone is enough. When the temperature drops below seven degrees the tread compound in normal tyres starts to harden, stiffening the tyre. That means less flexibility, translating to increased stopping distances, and less precise handling.

Of course, the weather itself tends to be more extreme in winter, with heavy rain, wind, ice and snow more likely. Adverse weather conditions exacerbate the problems caused by the low temperature by lowering your brake efficiency even more. And it's not just your safety that's at risk – the loss of grip results in your car using up more fuel, which in turn makes winter driving more expensive.

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Effects of adverse road conditions

Rain and snow can make having a car more of a boost than ever before, but bad weather can take its toll, particularly on your tyres.

When the temperature drops standard tyres stiffen. They become harder and less elastic, and this reduces their performance on the road. Your car's handling might become less precise, and if you need to brake suddenly you could find yourself in trouble, as stopping distances are increased.

The problems are amplified when it starts raining. Slippery roads are even harder to brake quickly on, and repeated use in wet conditions can further lessen the grip on your tyres.

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Buy tyres online

John Clark Motor Group has a wide range of tyres available to buy online using our simple online purchasing tool. You can select the correct size, type and speed rating required to meet your needs for your vehicle. We offer tyres from a selection of leading tyre providers so whatever your budget, there will be a tyre suitable for everyone.

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