Why Use Winter Tyres

The Benefits of Winter Tyres from John Clark Motor Group

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When there’s a cold snap on the way it’s worth doing everything possible to make driving safe. Lower temperatures play havoc with standard tyres, reducing their grip and making them stiffen, and if the heavens open, rain, ice and snow can compound your issues.

Fitting winter tyres is the tried, tested and approved option to boost your car’s safety in the colder months. These special tyres are designed to be flexible, even when the elements are causing summer tyres to harden. They’re also patterned in a way that makes it trickier for snow to stick in the gaps, ensuring they retain their grip for longer. Key to the success of winter tyres is the use of advanced silica compounds, which enable them to remain flexible even when the temperature plummets.

Winter tyres are compulsory in some European countries, and plenty of research has shown that they reduce your stopping time, making them a potential lifesaver. It’s estimated that a car with winter tyres driving at 60mph on a wet road will stop five metres sooner than one with normal tyres. Winter tyres also make driving at low temperatures smoother, and handling more precise.

Getting suitable winter tyres fitted to your vehicle is quick, straightforward and certainly worthwhile. Our expert advisers at John Clark can find the best ones for your model of car, and our technicians are able to fit them if necessary. They last longer than normal tyres at low temperatures too, meaning they’ll soon pay for themselves. At our dealerships we don’t just sell winter tyres, we check them too, to ensure that the tread depth and pressure are at the right level.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of winter tyres, as well as the range and prices available at John Clark Group, please contact the helpful team at John Clark today.