How Winter Can Affect Your Tyres

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Every driver knows the huge effect ice and snow can have on their car. They can leave you unable to climb simple slopes, and have you skidding dangerously on the road, and also dramatically reduce the performance of your tyres.

The cold alone is enough. When the temperature drops below seven degrees the tread compound in normal tyres starts to harden, stiffening the tyre. That means less flexibility, translating to increased stopping distances, and less precise handling.

Of course, the weather itself tends to be more extreme in winter, with heavy rain, wind, ice and snow more likely. Adverse weather conditions exacerbate the problems caused by the low temperature by lowering your brake efficiency even more. And it’s not just your safety that’s at risk – the loss of grip results in your car using up more fuel, which in turn makes winter driving more expensive.

Unfortunately wishing the winter away isn’t likely to work, but one way to keep your car preforming to a high level throughout the coldest months is to buy winter tyres. These have more natural rubber to reduce your stopping distances, and are less likely to get clogged up with snow. They’ve been designed to perform better at temperatures below seven degrees, making them the ideal option for drivers from October right through to March.

At John Clark Group we stock a range of winter tyres, and we also offer checks to ensure your tyres are in the best possible condition for the winter months. We’ll ensure the tread depth is well above the legal minimum of 1.6mm, and we’ll also check the tyre pressure, and for any damage.

To find out more about our winter tyres, and the range of winter services at John Clark Group, please get in touch with our friendly team today.