Alpine have revealed a new concept car: Alpenglow.

The brand says that this “is also more than a concept car: it is a brand manifesto, the treatise enshrining its vision and development roadmap, a tangible symbol of the Renaulution plan, paving the way for the upcoming Dream Garage models. It’s a vehicle that encapsulates strategy as a manufacturer of road cars, a name in motor sports and a brand that embraces its social responsibility.”

It becomes the starting point for all future Alpine car designs, technologies, and new sustainable approaches including hydrogen power. Alpine is looking at how the future of motorsport and consumer cars can become cleaner. This includes looking at hydrogen options for the overarching goal of “sustainable sportiness, combining clean emissions (including hydrogen) in roadgoing and racing lineups with a design where the driver can fuse with the cockpit”.

The concept behind the Alpenglow comes from “the reddish glow over the mountains just before sunrise is a symbol for this concept car: it is a magnificent moment, the dawn of revolutionary technologies and shapes, and the brand is lifting the veil on the next phase, which will usher in the Alpine cars of the future.”

This concept car is a single seater where the driver sits centrally with a hydrogen tank at either side and becomes “one with the cockpit”. The body shell is light and envelopes the driver to allow them to connect completely with their surroundings and the experience. Every single part of the Alpenglow model has been carefully designed and curated with Alpine’s heavy motorsport influence and forward thinking to fully encapsulate the driver in a complete automotive experience.

This paves the way for Dream Garage, the next generation of Alpine models that will comprise of three all-electric models: a compact sports car, a GT crossover, and a replacement for the current A110 model.