Alpine Launches Rac(H)er

On 30th June 2022 Alpine announced that they were launching Rac(H)er, an initiative that commits them to increasing diversity within their workforce in all areas of the company by reinforcing meritocracy across genders in every aspect of their business. By doing so, Alpine will fully leverage the complete and complementary skills of the available workforce.

Alpine have confirmed that the programme has several sections:

  • A programme to raise awareness of inclusion issues across the entire Alpine business.
  • A motor racing section underpinned by research carried out by the Paris Brain Institute to appreciate what it takes to be a top-class racing driver. This programme will also include the deconstruction of stereotypes using research with the funding of a scientific study to definitively break down all the pseudo-scientific alleged hurdles to F1 female competition (fitness, cognitive). By partnering with several training organisations, Alpine will establish a specific development programme with dedicated financial means to lead the first woman into consistent F1 competition.
  • The launch of a fund, open to participation by all, to finance female talent within motorsport: Alpine is committed to establishing the right financial package and also finding sponsors.
  • An education and support drive. Backed by female ambassadors, they plan to go into schools to boost awareness and interest among girls about motor racing and car industry jobs in general.
  • The establishment of a long-term advocacy programme, engaging all relevant stakeholders in the motorsport and automotive industries in this transformative process.

Alpine also said: “The issues concerning female representation and diversity within the company are highlighted by the fact that BWT Alpine F1 Team’s workforce is only 10% female, an average found across the motorsport industry. And in 72 years of Formula One racing, only six out of 885 drivers have been women.”

Currently only 12% of Alpine’s total workforce is female and their hope is that this programme will help to diversify their teams further and encourage more people to consider a career in the automotive industry. They are looking to work with existing programmes, like Girls on Track, and engage stakeholders across motorsport and the wider motor industry to address the challenge of inclusion.