The Dacia Way

Looking for a new car? Not sure what you are after? Let us give you 9 reasons to join the Dacia revolution ...

1. We have a simple and reliable range. With only 5 cars in our range it makes it easier to choose from. From the Dacia Duster which is rugged and robust to the Logan MCV Stepway which has practicality for a family we have everything you could need and more.

2. Our cars contain just the essentials. We don't put any unnecessary extras or gadgets on our cars that you will never use, only what you need for enhanced driving pleasure.

3. Our cars are designed to do exactly what a car should do. Drive and make sure you arrive at B.

4. Our designs aren't overly complicated, so less goes wrong with your vehicle.

5. Dacia models have been rigorously tested through different weather and road conditions. They are solid as a rock.

5. Dacia models have been rigorously tested through different weather and road conditions. They are sold as a rock.

6. Dacia is the fastest growing car company in Europe. We have even been awarded a tonne of awards recently such as Value Car of the Year 2008 by The Sun Motor Awards and What Car? Best small cars under £12,000.

7. Dacia Dealers are never to far away as we have over 150 of them nationwide. Your closest one is here at Specialist Cars Dacia situated at The Autoplex on Abbotswell Road, Aberdeen.

8. At Specialist Cars Dacia we are a friendly bunch and will make sure you don't get ripped off. We are not wheeler dealers!

9. And most importantly are new cars start from only £6,995 so you won't be out of bank buying one. We also have a great selection of approved used cars if you would prefer.