Want to customise your Dacia?

Want to protect you and your passengers more? Want to make it more convenient? Want to give it some style?

At Specialist Cars Dacia our car accessories are designed specifically for each vehicle in our range. Our Comfort and Protection Range includes car mats, seat covers, parking assistance and armrests to meet your exact requirements and make your Dacia more functional. Our Transport range includes two hitches, roof rack and bike carriers to help accessorize your Dacia with multiple transport solutions. The Safety and Security kit includes alarms, warning triangle and child seats to give you peace of mind. The design range includes alloy wheels, styling bars to give your Dacia elegance and dynamic quality and finally the Multimedia collection allows you to stay connected and entertained on the road.

We also have official Dacia merchandise for Dacia fans to continue their experience beyond the road. For more information contact us today > 01224 039861.