All-New Dacia Spring to Electrify the UK For the First Time​

An orange Dacia Spring plugged into a charging point outside of a coffee shop.

Dacia has revealed the All-New Dacia Spring, the most affordable new all-electric car in Europe, as a right-hand drive car for the very first time in anticipation of the UK launch this year. Dacia ahs announced that pre-orders will open on March 12th, with pricing announced the same day.

The model is widely credited with making electric mobility accessible to all after its launch in 2021 when it became the third most sold electric car to retail customers in both 2022 and 2023. Currently more than 140,000 Dacia Spring have been registered worldwide.

Dacia continues its mission to be the best value for money car brand that constantly redefines the essentials. Applying this to Spring, Dacia wants to encourage drivers to make the shift to all-electric cars in an accessible way. It features the new Dacia design, which was first seen on the new Dacia Duster.

David Durand, Dacia Design Director commented: “As Spring embraces the brand’s new design language, it is a resolute sign that it is here to stay as a key member of the Dacia family. We gave it a serious and confident design. Building on the success of the previous generation, the All-New Spring confidently asserts its own identity.”

The highly structured, highly constructed volumes of Dacia’s new design style give renewed strength to Spring. A powerful look that comes from a clean, simple, pared-back silhouette, such as that seen on the highly sculpted bonnet. The All-New Spring is available in a range of six shades, including newly introduced Brick Red and Beige Safari colours.

The dashboard has been totally reinvented, both to incorporate elements from Dacia’s new interior design language, with its emblematic horizontal architecture, and to also integrate a new range of digital screens. Spring now features a customisable digital dashboard with a 7-inch display on all versions as well as a 10-inch multimedia central display in higher trim level models.

The graphic design on the customisable digital dashboard with 7-inch display has been designed to be simple and intuitive, giving the driver ready access to essential information. What’s more, the All-New Spring features innovative YouClip accessory mounts, revealed recently on the All-New Duster. Finally, the Extreme trim comes with sturdy, rubber floor mats and door sills with unique ‘topographic lines’ design.

The All-New Spring offers the best storage volume in its class. With 308 litres (+6% compared to the previous model) – 1,004 litres with the rear seats folded down – its boot can fit much more than similarly sized rival vehicles and is on par with B-segment models. In addition, Spring offers additional storage throughout the cabin, with an overall volume of nearly 33 litres. This space is also better than segment standards.

The compact 26.8 kWh battery is precisely calibrated to meet the needs and lifestyles of All-New Spring drivers, without degrading the overall performance by adding excessive weight. Boasting a WLTP range of over 137 miles for all versions (pending certification), its performance is more than sufficient for customers who travel an average of just 23 miles per day (according to data collected by on-board computers).

To further optimise the car’s range, the All-New Dacia Spring is equipped for the first time with a regenerative braking system that is activated by selecting the ‘B-mode’ via the new gearbox controls.

The All-New Dacia Spring is equipped as standard with a 7 kW AC charger that can charge the battery from 20% to 100% on a domestic outlet in less than 11 hours, or in just 4 hours on a 7 kW wall box. A 30 kW DC charger enables fast charging from 20% to 80% in 45 minutes.

More practical than ever before, the New Dacia Spring now features a bi-directional V2L (vehicle-to-load) charger so it can be used as an energy source to power electrical devices. A specific adapter that plugs into the car’s charging connector, located under the grille, acts as a traditional 220V/16A socket.

For more information about the new Dacia Spring, including placing an order from 12th March, please contact Specialist Cars Dacia in Aberdeen today.