Dacia and Dogs

Dacia are known for having pooch-friendly cars, in particular the Dacia Duster. But what is it that really sets Dacia cars apart?

Travelling with a dog can sometimes be stressful, luckily Dacia make it easy for families to enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable journey for you are your pet. It is important to support your pets needs throughout the journey, with plenty stops for a drink of water, the toilet and a stretch of legs on the way. Another handy tip is to keep the car nice and cool for your pooch, so make sure your air conditioning is working!

We all know the benefits of the award-winning Dacia Duster, incredibly spacious, superb off-road ability and overdelivers on an under-promising price. An SUV is the perfect way to transport your pup, when you dog needs its daily walk around the forest or a quick run to the vets, the Duster will take where you want and travel in total freedom. Our generous boot space allows even the biggest dog plenty of room, this may seem like an obvious requirement however its necessary to prevent accidents, as a loose dog could seriously hurt you, your passengers or themselves. For a comfortable and safe journey, Dacia have created a pet pack which includes a standard boot liner and partition grille. The grille effectively separates the boot and the passenger compartment, and the boot liner is ideal for transporting those muddy paws and protects the original carpet. This will ensure the welfare of your vehicle is maintained, and let’s be honest, no one needs a roaming dog as an extra form of distraction. Our recommendation is to go with a Dacia available with four-wheel drive, this will fill all your off-road desires.

What’s more, if you are looking for extra protection why not order the Protection Pack, including boot sill protectors and a stronger boot liner to ensure extra protection from paw scratches.

The Pet pack is just £260 with the Protection Pack £565 from Specialist Cars Dacia. For more information or to learn more, visit us today in Aberdeen or fill out an enquiry form here. Anywhere you travel, do it with peace of mind in a Dacia Duster, the durable and easy-to-use pet accessories offer peace of mind in all situations.

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