Dacia's Unique Air Fresheners: Capturing the Essence of UK's Iconic Road Trips

Scotland’s North Coast 500: UK’s Most Epic Road Trip

The allure of the open road in the UK is undeniably captivating. Scotland’s North Coast 500 has recently been voted as the pinnacle of road trips, with The Coastal Way in Wales and The Jurassic Coast from Poole to Lyme Regis also ranking high. These mesmerising routes explain why 90% of Britons have these on their bucket list.

Dacia's Innovative Celebration of UK Road Trips

To commemorate these beloved routes, Dacia, in collaboration with the award-winning perfumery, 4160 Tuesdays, introduces custom air fresheners that encapsulate the very essence of each trip. From the earthy aroma of pine trees on the North Coast 500 to the breezy scent of The Coastal Way in Wales, these fragrances promise to transport drivers and passengers alike.

A Deep Dive into Dacia's Signature Scents

Beyond the top three, Dacia's limited-edition range spans various iconic British routes. Cheddar Gorge, the Causeways Coastal Route, and several others have inspired these unique scents. Available for free from 19 October 2023 at Dacia UK Retailers, these air fresheners are set to revolutionize car journeys.

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