Dacia Presents the Third Generation Duster​

Close up of the wheel of a grey All-New Dacia Duster
Grey All-New Dacia Duster driving through a rugged landscape
Close up of the underbody shield on a grey All-New Dacia Duster

The original Dacia Duster was introduced to the world in 2010 which encapsulates everything that the Dacia brand stands for: Robust and Outdoor, Essential but Cool, and Eco-Smart. It has been awarded over 40 accolades and has rolled over 2.2 million units off the production line in its 13-year career.

The design of the new Duster still has the striking looks of the previous generations but pushes them further with new and distinctive design. David Durand, Dacia Design Director, said: “Before even starting work on All-New Duster’s style, we honed its proportions, to find a strong, balanced posture. When you get the proportions right early on, you don’t need artifices to tweak style later.”

The cabin, bonnet, and wings were the first sections considered and then assembled them into the whole car to give a modern, well-built style, where the lines are deliberately taught and self-confident. This adds to the Duster’s design power and includes the sharp, vertical face, chamfered wheel-arch guards, large tailgate, and side windows.

The All-New Duster also features a stylish belt which wraps all the way around the model whilst the side underbody shield connects to the hallmarks, then to the wheel-arches, which then in turn connect to the front and rear bumpers. This all makes the All-New Duster more robust and even more ready for the outdoors than before.

It becomes the first production model to use Starkle, a new material which has been invented by Dacia’s engineers. Made of 20% reused polypropylene and entirely paint free, the carbon footprint from its production is smaller than on other materials. Alongside this, around 20% of all plastic in the All-New Duster is recycled which is considerably higher than the usual ratio in the segment and is an 8-point gain on the previous generation. Dacia has also decided to stop using leather and decorative chrome across all models for environmental reasons.

The All-New Duster will also feature a range of Eco-Smart engines: Hybrid 140, TCe 130, and TCe 100 Bi-Fuel. The Hybrid 140 is the same powertrain which was released earlier in 2023 for the Dacia Jogger which allows you to drive on full electric power as much as 80% of the time when city driving and always starts the engine on electric power. The TCe 130 makes its debut in the All-New Duster which combines a new-generation 3-cylinder 1.2 litre engine with a 48B mild hybrid motor. This reduces CO2 emissions by around 10% and provides more power during acceleration. The TCe 100 Bi-Fuel continues to highlight Dacia as the unchallenged LPG leader in Europe which combines a 50 litre petrol capacity with a 50 litre LPG capacity for as much as 1300km of driving and 10% less CO2 emissions.

There is also a range of new technologies used across the All-New Duster range which includes cruise control and speed limiter, now standard. New driver assistance systems, added to All-New Duster to meet the latest European safety requirements, such as automatic emergency braking (in urban and suburban areas, including detection of other cars, pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes), traffic sign recognition and speeding alert, rear parking assist, emergency stop signal, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, driver attention alert, and emergency calls (eCall). And, to make its customers’ life easier, Dacia is adding a clever button, My Safety, for drivers to quickly configure their favourite driver assistance systems.

For the latest updates about the All-New Duster contact Specialist Cars Dacia in Aberdeen. The team will be able to advise when the new model is expected on site, when orders will open, and when you will be able to test drive for yourself.

Front seats of the All-New Dacia Duster
The boot space of the All-New Dacia Duster featuring the Sleep Pack
Looking over the front seats into the cabin of the All-New Dacia Duster showing all controls