Driving In The Rain: Three Top Tips for Safety ​​


With the Autumn weather coming it means we must keep an eye on the weather conditions. Rain may look less daunting than snow, but you must be careful, even in those great Dacia tyres. All the Dacia current models come standard with the state-of-the-art assistance systems to ensure the highest level of driving safety. Read more about our top three tips to stay safe in the rain.

Lights Make All The Difference

The most fundamental important principles in driving safely is: seeing and being seen. Always drive with the dipped beam switched to on, especially in the rain. There is 150 meters less visibility and you may have fog to content with too. Luckily you can install fog lights within your Dacia to make being seen and seeing that much easier.

Renew Wiper Regularly

Heavy rain can be dangerous when trying to see through your windscreen, and having great windscreen wipers are important. To make sure you have the best visibility possible we recommend getting your windscreen wipers replaced every year.  This way you can see clearly no matter how heavy the rain might be.

Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

Too high or too low, tyre air pressure is crucial when keeping safe while driving.  In extreme situations we need our Dacia tyres to be at their healthiest. Over Autumn and Winter months you need to check your Dacia's tyre pressure every month. This will ensure you are safe on the road and you can enjoy your journey in comfort.

For more information on Dacia servicing to keep you safe on the road click here.