Dacia Iconic TV Adverts

Dacia have had some seriously quirky tv adverts over the years which help customers recognise the brand as being a fun, affordable and practical. The messages in there tv adverts seem a bit strange at first, but they actually convey what the brand stand for. Lets look at some examples below.

Dacia have a strong brand message of ‘shocking affordable’ cars that are simple and designed to do exactly what a car should do. There success has been based on three fundamentals – generosity, simplicity and reliability give consumers the essentials they need to have an enjoyable drive. Dacia TV Adverts over the years have done exactly that with humorous, quirky messages to engage customers and show they give consumers exactly what they want in a car. The famous tv adverts “Lawnmower feature?” and “Mermaid?” marketing the Dacia Sandero range, hint features that could be useful in the model but are unnecessary extras or gadgets that you will never use. They reinstate that instead, when you buy a Dacia Sandero you get exactly what you need and want for an enjoyable drive such as high mpg, low cost and the comfort of a nice simple model.

Another famous tv advert that got consumers talking was “Another One Drives a Duster” using the original Queen song and re-vamping the words to include the new facelifted model the Dacia Duster. They developed the new sales strategy which relied on developing familiarity with the brand and making people aware of the product instead of just the brand name. This did just that, showing the perceived “elite” admiring the design and wanting the new model because its desirable.

Their most recent campaign “Go Duster” used the Ghostbusters theme tune and presented the Duster as a family car with off-road capabilities as well as city driving and the useful gadgets it has to offer. It again had a catchy theme tune consumer could associate with the model.

What do you think of there quirky tv adverts? There quirky marketing messages are if anything, recognisable to consumers and achieve their sales strategy and brand message. Interested in the Dacia range? View our offers here > NEW OFFERS