Petrol vs Diesel Dacia Engines ​

Choose a fuel type can be difficult to get your head around. Read more about petrol vs diesel Dacia engines and which would be the best for your driving style.

The petrol and diesel debates have been an ongoing hot topic for the motor industry for a while. Following these debates there have been changes to legislation, new health concerns surfacing and new methods of testing carbon emissions.All of which result in us being slightly confused as to choose a petrol and diesel Dacia. Here at Specialist Cars Dacia we have been able to make this selection a little less confusing. If you are between petrol and diesel Dacia try and think less about “if I should have diesel” and more “would diesel be suitable”.

Health reports have surfaced around the fact that diesel engines do produce more NOx than petrol. At Dacia, our full range are marked as ‘Green Cars’.This means that they do not produce as much CO2 as other vehicles and they meet the Euro 6 Emissions Standard. Our new and used Dacia cars have some of the lowest CO2 emissions on the market as they have CO2 emissions under 120g/km.Diesel produce less CO2 overall than petrol models and with the combined lower emissions you might be more interested in this fuel type.

Driving experience is at the heart of what we do at Dacia. We create vehicles that are designed around you and the way you want to live your life. Although petrol and diesel Dacia have less CO2 emissions you may want to understand how these two fuel types perform.A diesel engine Dacia will provide a lower speed torque and a powerful acceleration. Petrol Dacia’s are a bit smooth and a have a quicker response, higher speeds are required to achieve the same torque levels as the diesel counterpart.

When considering your new Dacia, it is a good idea to evaluate your driving lifestyle. Diesel engines are great for those longer trips to your favourite adventure destination, gaining more miles per gallon for a better fuel economy. Petrol on the other hand is perfect for short bursts around town and getting from A to B, this way your fuel will last you a little longer on these journeys. So, whether you are looking for an engine that will last on those longer trips or something for the shorter drives, you now know which would be best for you.

Finally, it is important to know how these cars drive, the best way to find out is to take a test drive in one of our new models. Choose the car that will suit your lifestyle, pocket and your environment. For more information phone a member of trained Dacia team today or make an enquiry online.