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Why not enjoy the ultimate driving holiday by taking your car with you around the UK and Europe. Specialist Cars Dacia have all the information you need for enjoying your Dacia abroad this year!

Where ever you drive, feel assured that Dacia Roadside Assistance is on hand at home or anywhere in the UK or Northern Ireland in the event of a breakdown, accident, theft, mis-fueling or puncture. Our roadside assistance is free for the first 3 years/60,000 miles of owning your new Dacia . Its easy to renew it too, for only £70 for one years cover! Give yourself peace of mind and get out and explore with the reassurance we are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you breakdown call 0333 202 3002 or 0800 051 2251 and make sure you have the following details: passport, name, address, contact telephone number, model and vehicle colour, exact location and nature of breakdown. If you believe you are in a vulnerable or dangerous position please make sure you make this clear during the time of your call.

Don't forget to take ...


A full UK licence is valid in most European Countries but check online first. If you don’t have a photo card licence you may be asked to produce photographic proof of ID, so we recommend you also have your passport.


You may risk a hefty fine if you cannot produce your V5 document or a certified copy of it. If you drive a company car make sure you speak to your employer in plenty of time before your trip to get access to the documents.


Adjust headlamp beams to prevent dazzle, this is compulsory for right hand drive vehicles when driving in Europe. You will also be required to fit adhesive masks and adjust for extra load if needed. Display a GB Sticker or modern-style number plates showing the GB Euro-symbol, these are compulsory when driving a UK-registered vehicle anywhere else in Europe.

Wherever you take your Dacia we hope your experience is like no other. Remember to share your holiday snaps on our Facebook page and let us see where your Dacia has taken you.