Used Dacia Logan for Sale

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A Dacia Logan is an excellent buy for any person looking to invest in a used car. It’s particularly ideal for UK residents interested in something practical. While its manufacturer refers to it as an MCV (Maximum Capacity Vehicle), that’s just another way of saying the Dacia Logan is an estate.

The car which officially went on sale in 2013 was at some point considered the cheapest car you could buy in the UK.

It underwent a facelift in 2017 with the introduction of the new range of Dacia cars that saw it get the same looks as the Dacia Sandero.

Its recent revisions included a redesigned front bumper, a new grille, and LED running lights in the top-spec models.

Why Should I Buy One?

The Logan has a refreshingly simple interior, which will appear familiar to anyone who has driven a car manufactured by the Renault Group. A typical used Dacia Logan comes with useful rear parking sensors, a 7-inch infotainment system, cruise control, and air conditioning.

While its safety kit isn’t as comprehensive as you would expect from mainstream carmakers, it does come with passenger and driver airbags and side airbags. Other important features include ABS, control and traction control, and electronic stability control.

What Engine Sizes Are Available?

The engines used in the Dacia Logan are more about the economy, as opposed to performance. Both petrol and diesel options are available. For petrol, you can choose from the following:

• 0.9-litre 88bhp

• 1.0-litre 88bhp

Available diesel options include:

• 1.5-litre 88bhp

• 1.5-litre 9bhp

If these two options don’t work for you, you can always check the 1.0-litre 98bhp bi-fuel version. Again, it’s a Logan that can run on either LPG or petrol. LPG is, however, cheaper than petrol, allowing you to save tens of pounds per week.

The bi-fuel version happens to be the most powerful version of all available engine options. But having said that, you should note that the Logan isn’t what you would call a fast car. All its engine options are under 100bhp.

All in all, this is a car best suited for individuals who love to engage in gentle driving. Such drivers will benefit from increased comfort and better economic returns.

What to Look for in a Used Dacia Logan?

Dacia may not have been around for long, but it has developed a reputation for producing lowly priced cars. Therefore, when buying a used Dacia Logan, it would be wise to check the vehicle history, frame issues, the condition of the interior electronics, and the state of its upholstery.

Checking for these issues is the only way to ensure you will get value for your money.