Dacia Paint Protection by Supagard

Car and Paint Protection ​

At Specialist Cars Dacia, we offer the best car and paint protection with Supagrad, keep your car in tip-top condition with Supagrad Aftercare. Supagard has been specifically designed products to keep your car in showroom condition with car cleaning and detailing products to ensure Dacia interior protection and Dacia exterior protection. The products contain a formula creating a barrier and seals it against oxidisation, damaging effect and environmental pollutants, so you can maintain that ‘new car’ feel for longer.

Discover our wide-ranging product catalogue including Paint Protection, Fabric Protection, Vinyl Protection, Leather Care, Key Recovery, Security Marking and much more. Whether you are looking to re-hydrate your exterior and remove nasty substances off your car with the Birdlime Neutraliser or want to remove dirt, mud and stains and protect your Dacia interior with our Supagrad Leather Cleaner, Specialist Cars Dacia has you covered. What’s more, we also offer a one-off application with a 3-year guarantee.

We understand the importance of maintaining the glossy new car look, with so many products out there it makes sense to choose quality care products approved by the Dacia manufacturer. For more information on the Supagrad products we offer, contact Specialist Cars Dacia Aberdeen today to discover more about car and paint protection. Call, fill out an enquiry form or visit our dealership in Aberdeen.

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