Embrace Electric Innovation with Jaguar

Jaguar’s electric and plug-in range effortlessly blends efficiency and innovation. This has also been complemented with stunning designs, intelligent technology, and performance that refuses to compromise. 

Featuring two plug-in hybrids which are the E-PACE, F-PACE, and the fully electric I-PACE the range continues to garner attention and earn awards. No matter which of these premium SUVs you choose you are guaranteed to be impressed with their unrivalled performance.

Jaguar I-PACE

The I-PACE is Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle. This award winning SUV boasts an incredibly spacious interior, simple yet stunning design, and vast array of high-tech features which improve ride quality, performance, and comfort.

This SUV also offers an incredible 292-mile range which is almost double the average miles driven per week in the UK. No need for range anxiety in an I-PACE.

Even if you were to forget to charge your car during the night, a mere 15-minutes of charging offers 78-miles of range.

Also despite the size of the I-PACE the instant torque of an electric car means that it makes it from 0-60 mph in a blisteringly quick four seconds. There truly are no shortage of reasons to take an I-PACE out for a spin.

Don’t just take our opinion for it either.

This Jaguar has won over 72 awards since being released including European Car of the Year, UK Car of the Year, and BBC TopGear magazine EV of the Year to name a few.

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Jaguar F-PACE

Next up, we have the Jaguar F-PACE which is a luxury performance SUV.

Although not fully electric like the I-PACE, this model is a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of up to 33-miles. More than enough for the weekly shop or school run. Better still this electric capacity will recharge through regenerative braking along with being able to be plugged in like a fully electric vehicle.

The F-PACE benefits from a sleek, muscular design that is instantly recognisable on the road featuring smooth curves and distinct contours that help it stand out.

As with all of the premium cars in Jaguar’s current line-up the F-PACE has done an excellent job of finding the balance between performance, comfort, and visual appeal. You’ll find this SUV to be packed with premium features such as 12-way heated electric front seats, Pivi Pro with a 11.4-inch display, a wide range of safety features, and next-generation technology.

An excellent example of the level of craftsmanship that Jaguar provides.

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Jaguar E-PACE

Then we have the Jaguar E-PACE. This compact SUV is the smallest on the list but by no means has that stopped it from making a bold impression on the road. 

With the E-PACE you get an agile, highly versatile SUV complete with a bold design that was carefully crafted for maximum appeal. And seeing the end product its very fair to say that Jaguar have done an incredible job.

Like the F-PACE this model is not fully electric but plug-in. It offers an electric range of up to 39-miles. Even more than on offer from the larger model. Again, this can either be charged up via regenerative braking or through a charger but will mean that the majority of short trips will be incredibly cheap or even free!

The meticulous attention to detail associated with Jaguar is also present here with the E-PACE. From its efficient and powerful performance to the luxurious design, this compact SUV is ideal for those looking to pick up an affordable and top of the range family car that leverages the latest advancements in technology. 

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