The Most Anticipated Upcoming Electric Car Launches, According to Reddit

The electric car industry is growing and evolving rapidly, moving away from purely functional vehicles, to ones that are game-changing in terms of performance, design, and range. With 20% of all new global car sales estimated to be electric by 2025, jumping to 40% in 2030, brands are paying more and more attention to developing their electric offering. 2023 and 2024 are set for some major releases that are likely to stir up anticipation amongst drivers, as such John Clark wanted to examine which of the electric cars for sale in the coming years are stirring up the most interest.

From high-performance hypercars by the likes of Maserati to more functional family cars, automotive brands are beginning to extend their ranges to be more inclusive of the different types of electric car buyers. But, when it comes to electric cars, which ones are people the most excited for?

At the top of our list sits the Tesla Cybertruck. It appears that despite the news of Tesla losing one-third of its value since Elon Musk took over Twitter in October, Tesla vehicles are still high on the list when it comes to public anticipation and excitement. Even though the Cybertruck remains in the pre-production beta phase with production having been postponed on numerous occasions, it’s clear that the vehicle is still eagerly anticipated. The Cybertruck will feature in several variations, with a single motor, rear-wheel drive, a dual motor, all-wheel drive, and a range-topping tri-motor, at various price points. Production has been confirmed to begin in late 2023, with the first customers likely to receive their preorders in 2024.

In second position is the DeLorean Alpha 5. Due on sale in 2024, the initial images of the model show similarities between the DMC-12 that featured in Back to the Future, for example, the iconic Gullwing doors, with the brand teasing a modern-day interpretation to mark the DMC-12’s 40th anniversary in 2021. The Alpha5 will have the same premise of exclusivity, featuring as a limited edition with only 9,531 cars being produced. Given the brand's dramatic history, from iconic movie placement to going into liquidation, it makes sense that cars produced by the brand would generate a lot of buzz. The car has been pitched as a rival to the Porsche Taycan and with claims of reaching 0-60mph in just 3.4 seconds, it’s definitely on par when it comes to speed.

Placing in third position is the new Audi A6 E-Tron, which is expected to be revealed this year, and hit the market in 2024. It forms part of the wider Audi E-Tron range that has seen significant popularity. The concept sits within the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, which has been developed in partnership with Porsche and will first be utilised in the new Porsche Macan EV and Audi Q6 E-Tron. The car is expected to feature various performance-oriented set-ups, which combine performance with everyday suitability. New cars on the PPE platform gives owners the chance to enjoy speedy 800-volt charging and longer range due to the 100-kWh battery capacity, making range anxiety a thing of the past.

Placing fourth is the Hyundai Ioniq 6, a sleek and sporty EV that is actually one of the world’s most aerodynamic cars, which makes for greater range. It has been pitched as a rival to the Tesla Model 3, the Polestar 2, and the i4 that BMW offers, however, the potential electric driving range is far superior to these other competitors.

Volkswagen is clearly a popular contender within the EV market, with three of their upcoming launches featuring within the top 15, and one of these being the ID.Buzz, an all-electric van that can double up as both a commercial vehicle, and a campervan. In order of anticipation the list features: the VW ID.7 (Aero B), the VW ID.3 and finally the ID Buzz. The ID 7 is the most aerodynamic car that the brand has ever produced, which allows the car to offer 435 miles of range from its 77kWh battery, further than rivals such as BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3, and the aforementioned Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Are these launches lacking in anticipation?

While the Polestar 3 places firmly within the top 15, the upcoming Polestar 4 actually places much lower, despite being positioned as the more affordable release of the two, which would put the Polestar 4 between the 2 and 3 based on price. The potential reason for low anticipation of the 4 according to Reddit is due to a lack of official reveal as of yet, however, spy photographers have seen this in testing on the road. By mid-decade, the 4 is estimated to become the company’s bestseller, with 79,000 annual sales projected, putting it ahead of other models.

Meanwhile, there are also upcoming EV launches that are surprisingly not so anticipated. From the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, to the Rolls Royce Spectre, some of the cars that edge closer to the bottom of the list are the ones that you would assume would drum up the most engagement.

The Rolls Royce Spectre has an average of 15.68 upvotes per post, a whole 80 upvotes on average less than the Tesla Cybertruck. The model was revealed in late 2022 and has been described as Rolls Royce first, and an electric car second, with much emphasis on creating a car that forms a seamless part of the collection. The vehicle has an estimated range of 320 miles, and an acceleration from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, focusing on the luxury elements that make the brand what it is.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV saw a similar number of Reddit posts (156) to the Rolls Royce Spectre (155), however, saw an average of 12.27 upvotes per post, 3.41 less than the Spectre. The EQE is described as a ‘shrunken version’ of the EQS, which actually placed higher in our study with an average of 23.49 upvotes per post. It is primarily geared toward younger drivers, however, this starts at a higher price point, potentially proving out of budget for most.

The coming years are set to be pivotal for the evolution of the electric vehicle, as brands move beyond the requirement of simply creating an EV, and move into creating EVs with deceptive performance and range, and luxury aesthetics that rival the most exclusive of vehicles. While some may be concerned about the future of electric cars, this study, alongside the wider market, shows that there’s a continued appetite for this type of vehicle. Particularly where drivers can combine aspects that they traditionally love about driving, with a more sustainable alternative.