Safest Electric Cars

Safety is always going to be a key consideration when choosing a new car. At the bleeding edge of change, electric vehicles bring many innovative features which help keep you safe on the road, but according to Euro NCAP which models are the safest?

Let's explore the five top EVs when it comes to safety.

Volkswagen ID.3

Taking the number one spot on the list is the Volkswagen ID.3. This eye-catching hatchback boasts an attractive modern appeal on the road.

Euro NCAP tested a VW ID.3 Pro in 2020 and awarded it the full five stars. This car earned solid scores across the board for occupants, with 87% for adults and 89% for children.

The ID.3 protects the driver and passengers in the front or rear with a wide array of airbags keeping the driver and passengers safe in a collision. It also features seatbelt reminders and Isofix slots in the front and rear seats. It scored all 24 points on the crash test for kids in the back, making this a fantastic family car.

Next, in the vulnerable road users and safety assist categories, the VW ID.3 scores 71% and 88%, respectively.

It features autonomous emergency braking (AEB) to protect pedestrian's and in car-to-car situations. Unfortunately, it doesn't AEB when reversing, which may have hurt the overall score.

Innovative features earned high marks in the safety assist category the ID.3 was awarded. With speed assistance and a lane assist system coming as standard, this hatchback puts safety first.

I'm sure you'll see by now why the ID.3 took the top spot on our list. If you'd like to learn more about this reliable Volkswagen, check out our review.

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Audi e-tron

Next up, we have the Audi e-tron. A robust SUV which comfortably walked away with all five stars. Euro NCAP tested the e-tron 55 quattro during 2019. It is fair to expect that other e-tron models will also perform well given Audi's stellar reputation for putting safety at the forefront of all they do.

The e-tron scores an impressive 91% for adult occupants safety. Featuring front, side head, chest, and pelvis airbags, it's challenging to see something which has not been thought of. All seats even benefit from seatbelt pretensioners and loadlimiters. Audi pulled out all the stops to earn this near-perfect scoring.

When it comes to children, the score does dip 6% against the adult scoring to 85%. This is still an excellent rating, though. The e-tron does score nearly full marks on the crash test but fumbles slightly on safety features. Isofix is present in the rear seats and can be made available with an upgrade in the front passenger, but not as standard. If you were looking for i-Size seat compatibility, you could use the outward rear seats, but it is impossible to use the front passenger seat.

On the pedestrian category, this SUV scored 71% - an overall solid performance. Key safety features in this category are thanks to Audi Pre Sense. This system is a collection of radar and collision detection sensors to enable the car to help avoid accidents.

The e-tron's AEB system can detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles and boast quick reaction times to dangerous situations.

The last category is safety assist which the e-tron scored 76%. Scoring near full marks in 3/4 categories, the e-tron was only let down on speed assistance. The AEB system does perform well at motorway speeds, and there is an option for additional speed limit information. This recognised the limits in your local area, informing you as it changes.

As you'll see by now, the Audi e-tron sets the bar high for safety. If you'd like to learn more, why not read our full review?

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Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace steals third place on our list, being awarded the full five stars. Euro NCAP tested this executive in 2018 and used the I-Pace SE EV400. Although, as with other models, it will be fair to say it will represent what you can expect from similar Jaguars.

Adult safety scored an impressive 91%. An array of airbags shield both the driver and passengers in case of an accident. The I-Pace also features seatbelt load limiters and pre-tensioners for added peace protection.

Children score a little lower at 81%. It does score almost full marks on the crash test and CRS installation. Where the I-Pace drops a few points is on safety features. Isofix and i-Size points are only present in the outside rear seat. It is a shame that the front passenger seat is incompatible with child seats.

The I-Pace gives good care to other road users, too, earning it a 73% rating. Thanks to AEB, it scores well with pedestrians and loses a few extra points for cyclists if they cross the road. It even features an active bonnet, just in case. The autonomous emergency braking works for pedestrians, cyclists, and interurban areas as standard. The AEB kicks in from 5 km/h, which is lower than some competitors.

Other essential safety features that it comes with include seatbelt reminders, lane assist, and speed assistance. Against scoring well across the board, the I-Pace achieved a solid 81% here.

This Jaguar is genuinely a solid pick for anyone looking for a car that values style and safety in equal measures. Learn more with our in-depth breakdown of the stunning I-Pace.

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Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF offers reliability not only in day-to-day driving around but also in terms of safety. This little hatchback scored walked away with all five stars from the Euro NCAP in 2018.

The Nissan LEAF is particularly impressive, scoring very highly given its size and car style. Adults and children score 93% and 86%, respectively.

As with all modern cars, the LEAF earned many driver and passenger safety points with many airbags and the same seatbelt features seen in previous vehicles.

This hatchback also takes pedestrian safety seriously, scoring 71% in the Euro NCAP. This category is perhaps even more critical, seeing the LEAF was designed as a city car.

Apart from pedestrians walking along the road, the LEAF's AEB does a great job of reacting in good time. For Cyclists, it's just if they are crossing the road AEB just missing the mark for a good pass. Aside from this, Nissan's Intelligent Emergency Braking system will help you stay away from hazards on the road.

Other safety assistance features found on the LEAF including seatbelt reminders, lane support and speed assistance, where it scores well, achieving an overall 71%.

To find out more about this efficient city car, check out our in-depth review.

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