BMW iX Review


The BMW iX is a mid sized luxury crossover SUV that's been sold by the German automobile brand since 2021, although was first unveiled as a concept vehicle at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. It's nameplate was chosen as a signal that the model sits at the top of BMW's electric i line up and that it's at the forefront of showcasing technology from BMW.

Our BMW iX review will guide you through this luxurious electric SUV to help you choose the correct configuration for your needs.

Design and Style

The BMW iX has aerodynamic at the core of its design with the aim of making the electric SUV as efficient as possible and to make sure that the electric range is always optimum. This is achieved with features such as lightweight air performance wheels and integrated door handles which reduces drag.

BMW says that thanks to the vehicle's low aerodynamic profile the WLTP range of the iX is improved by around 40 miles, showing that their design works in practice.

The large grille, which has divided BMW fans, is actually incredibly functional. Behind the blanked out grille lies camera systems, radars, and other sensors needed for the driver assistance systems. The covering on the grille is "self-healing" meaning that it can smooth out scratches and small chips to guarantee that the hidden technology isn't obstructed. It's a clever design that keeps the iX as a pinnacle of both design and technology.

The BMW iX is also built on a completely bespoke elective drivetrain architecture which has an aluminium spaceframe that supports an inner carbon fibre reinforced plastic. This helps to keep the vehicle light by using materials that keep the weight as low as possible.

For customisation BMW gives you the option to add on coloured exterior trims in blue or bronze, a visibility pack, and parking assistant professional to fully enhance your design and experience.


BMW describes the interior quality of the iX as "a mobile living space" and thanks to the elevated design and sheer amount of technology available they have successfully delivered this.

The brand has adopted what they call ShyTech where their technology is "virtually invisible but always available", integrating features more flawlessly for an uninterrupted experience.

A model defining feature in the BMW iX is the interior display. BMW have merged their 12.3 inch central display with their 14.9 inch driver's display which gives one long curved center console display across the dashboard. It's striking, futuristic looking, and takes a driver centric approach like no other.

This is paired with the new hexagonal steering wheel which has mounted multifunctional buttons and the minimalist iDrive controls between the front seats to create a seamless driving affair that is overall more comfortable.

Comfort and Practicality

The driver and passenger are treated to a great amount of room in the front seats. This includes 1058mm of head room and wide based comfort seats. Those in the rear seats will have 1006mm of head room and a spacious 987mm of leg room.

For additional configurations the rear seats have a 40:20:40 split, allowing you to fully utilise the rear passenger and boot space. This allows you to carry four people as well as larger items, like a set of skis, without having to compromise your vehicle choice.

Moving to the boot space itself, you can expect 500 litres with all five seats in use which then grows to 1750 litres with the rear seats folded. With all five seats in use this on par with the Jaguar I Pace but the iX will give you 587 litres more if you fold the rear seats folded.

Performance and Engine Options

Across the BMW iX range there are three different battery options to power the electric motor: xDrive 40, xDrive 50, and M60.

The xDrive40 is a 73kWh engine capable of 326HP, a huge output at entry level. Home charging will allow you to charge fully to 100% in 10.75 hours whilst a rapid charging point will take you to 80% in 73 minutes for 50kW or 31 minutes for 150kW. Thanks to the instant torque that electric cars have over an internal combustion engine you can expect a 0-62mph time of 6.1 seconds and a range of 257 miles.

The mid range engine is the BMW iX xDrive50 which is capable of 523HP thanks to its larger 107.5kW battery. A 100% charge with your 7.4kW home charging point will take a little longer, 16 hours, whilst a rapid charge will take 97 minute to 80% for 50kW charging points or 35 for 195kW. The 0-62mph time is reduced to just 4.6 seconds, 1.5 seconds faster than the smaller battery size. The xDrive 50 will give you the highest range of all models with 381 miles available.

The BMW iX M60 is the pinnacle of electric performance on the BMW iX. It also has the larger 107.5kW battery and will give you an incredible 619HP. This then slashes the 0-62mph time to a slick 3.8 seconds but it does reduce the range slightly to 349 miles, still an impressive feat for battery technology.

The range on each model is supported by brake energy regeneration which generates electricity when you take your foot off of the acceleration pedal or press the brake pedal. Energy that would have previously been lost is transformed into electrical energy and fed back to he battery to be used.

The BMW iX also benefits from two electric motors which work together to provide all three versions with all wheel drive, meaning that you don't have to compromise on an SUV driving experience by opting for an electric car.

Trim Levels

There are five different trims available for the BMW iX: Sport, Sport Edition, M Sport, M Sport Edition, and M60. These all have an excellent array of equipment and features that highlight the best of BMW's advanced technology.

The best example of this is the multimedia set up and features that are standard in the model. The aforementioned live cockpit with joint 12.3 inch instrument cluster and 14.9 inch central display is at the centre of this, housing functionality and fun like no other model does. It's supported by 4G LTE connectivity, wireless Bluetooth, IDrive controller, a heads up display, remote software upgrades, route guidance with augmented reality, wireless smartphone connection, and BMW operating system 8.

ConnectedPackage Pro offers multimedia support for your in car experience. This includes Apple Carplay and Android Auto connection, BMW maps, concierge services, connected music, connected parking, real time traffic information, parking place assistant, and remote services.

You'll also have BMW ConnectedDrive Online Services which includes, Vehicle Apps, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, Last State Call, Smart Interior, and Remote Software Upgrades.

The Sport model comes with 21 inch 1010 bi colour aero alloy wheels, climate comfort windscreen, eDrive exterior sound, flush door handles, folding side mirrors with auto-dimming, Shadowline exterior trim, ambient lighting, four cupholders, four zone automatic air conditioning, frameless interior mirror, heated front seats, polygonal steering wheel, wireless Bluetooth connection, Harman Kardon surround sound audio system, and a wireless charging tray.

Upgrading to the Sport Edition will add in a tow bar, the Sky Lounge panoramic glass sunroof, and sun protection glass. The Sky Lunge roof has a surface area of approximately two squares metres and can be changed from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button.

Opting for an M Sport additionally gives 21 inch 1012 bi colour alloy wheels, M Sport exterior body styling, a welcome light, and anthracite headlining.

The M Sport Edition then adds a tow bar, front and rear heat comfort system, the Sky Lounge panoramic glass sunroof, sun protection glass, comfort access, and soft close doors (only for XDrive50 models).

The top trim M60 will give 22 inch 1020 bi colour aero alloy wheels, M Sport exterior body styling, dark blue brake calipers, front electric seats with massage, front ventilated and heated seats, suite interior design, Bowers and Wilkins Diamond surround sound system, soft close doors,

Reliability and Safety

The BMW iX has a five star safety rating from Euro NCAP. This puts it on par with other large off road cars such as the Audi Q5 and the Volvo XC60 and other electric cars such as the Polestar 2 and the Audi E-Tron Sportback.

This excellent rating comes from the BMW iX electric SUV having a strong set of safety equipment as standard. This includes an attentiveness assistant, dynamic stability control, high beam assistant, active protection, and stationary cooling. If you opt for an xDrive50 model you'll also have front and rear air suspension and integral active steering.

BMW also offers a three year BMW i warranty with all i models which they say will cover for almost every eventuality. It includes BMW roadside assistance, and protection for the battery pack for 8 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first). The great news is that you can also purchase a BMW warranty extension once the i Warranty expires to continue to stay covered.


The BMW iX is a premium electric SUV, as highlighted with its extensive technology, and its price reflects this.

The Sport starts at £69,905 and if you opt for the Sport Edition it rises to £77,305. Choosing the M Sport will cost £72,905 whilst the M Sport Edition begins at £80,305. Opting for the top of the range BMW iX M60 will see you looking at a starting price of £116,905.

At entry level, the BMW iX is priced on par with other electric cars such as the Jaguar I Pace, the Tesla Model X although its arguable that the iX provides a more immersive and streamlined driving experience overall.


If you're switching into an electric car but don't want to compromise on comfort, style, or technology then the BMW iX is an incredible option. As well as this it's choice of battery capacities and outputs makes it a really attractive choice in the luxury electric car segment.

Our knowledgeable teams at our John Clark BMW dealerships in Aberdeen and Dundee are always on hand to advise you further and show you this fantastic model in person.