BMW R nineT Review

The BMW R nineT is a standard motorcycle that has been in production at BMW Motorrad since 2014 with a heavy influence from old school styling, in particular the R32 of 1923. However it really stands out on its own having set a high standard for modern classic bikes with large capacity and options for customisation.

Our BMW R nineT review will guide you through the current model and its variants to help you identify which model is best for you and your needs. 

Model Variants

R nineT

The BMW R nine T range starts with the standard model which sees the roadster embrace the passion and innovation of 100 years of motorcycle design. The 2021 BMW R nineT had a slight update which made very minimal changes to the styling but updated some of the equipment.

This included the addition of LED headlights, white LED indicators, and updates to the analogue speedometer and tachometer. These also have multi function LCD displays within them, an accessible USB charger, ride-by-wire, and two riding modes .

Standard equipment includes LED headlights and turn signals, automatic stability control, traction control, a dual speed indicator and rational-speed sensor instrument with on-board computer content, two ride modes, the drivetrain and final drive in black, and ABS Pro. There's also room for a pillion seat too if you need it.

It has a two cylinder oil/air cooled engine which is a four-stroke boxer engine with two camshafts and four radially arranged valves per camshaft. There's also a central counterbalance shaft too.

The BMW R nineT starts at £14,100.

R nineT 100 Years

The R nine T 100 Years is a special edition model of the R nineT to mark 100 years from the first BMW motorcycles entering production. This model is limited to 1923 units to emphasise it's uniqueness and so that true fans can own a piece of Motorrad history.

The key design features of the 100 Years model are the Black Storm metallic paintwork on the chrome-plated tank, which is a tribute to the 1969 R 75/5 model, and the 100 Years badge, which states that your model is "1 of 1923".

Elsewhere there are Option 719 Shadow and Shadow II parts which give the bike an exclusive look and feel. These high quality milled parts are made of anodised aluminium and are finished in a combination of black and silver. The pack includes adjustable hand levers, adjustable footrests, footbrake lever, gearshift lever, and milled expansion tank covers.

The Shadow Billet Pack highlights the sportiness of the R nineT with high-quality aluminium components finished in black and silver. The pack includes a milled engine housing cover, milled cylinder heads covers, a milled oil filter plug, and milled seat brackets. Additionally you'll also have heated grips, cruise control, adaptive headlights, and Riding Modes Pro included with the 100 Years.

It's a truly unique and special model, with all of the black and aluminium elements complimenting the Oxblood single seat bench, making it a bike "for genuine aficionados".

The BMW R nineT 100 Years starts at £18,040.

R nineT Pure

The R nineT Pure takes styling cues from classic BMW roadsters with a single classic analogue speedometer with an LCD display so that you're being shown what really matters as you ride. The new shock absorber has progressive damping and can be manually adjusted using the knob whilst a single-pipe exhaust system highlights the traditional roadster look.

The standard paint option for the R nineT Pure is Mineral grey metallic but there are three additional Option 719 colours that you can choose to upgrade to. The first is Underground/Light White which combines a light khaki colour with white and a solid black band to highlight their split.

The second option is Pollux/Light White which, again, uses the white sections of the bike to highlight the dark green metallic and black metallic sections. A yellow band at the front of the bike makes it eye catching and unique.

The final Option 719 colour is Aluminium. BMW say that it's "all about pure, elegant materials" and all of the sections that are painted in the other options are now hand brushed aluminium with a clear coat for protection. Some smaller sections are further polished for a contrasting effect across the bike which adds so much character.

The BMW R nineT Pure starts at £11,750.

R nineT Scrambler

The BMW R nineT Scrambler is larger than the previous models and has a higher riding position than them too. You're looking at an increase of 70mm in length and 90mm in height when compared to the previously mentioned variants of the R nineT. The seat height is increased to 820mm from 805mm and is styled with a patented leather style with contrast stitching and unique quilting for ultimate comfort.

One of the most striking features of the Scrambler model is the elevated exhaust system. It's one of the components that your eye is drawn to and with two pipes it really allows the deep boxer engine sound to resonate as you ride. Other nods to Scrambler models of the past include the superior boxer engine, the raised double silencers, and the cleated tyres.

Like the previously discussed Pure model, the Scrambler also takes advantage of a single analogue speedometer with an LCD screen to highlight the most important information as you ride.

The R nineT Scrambler prides itself on being ultra customisable, and this starts with its paint options. As standard your bike will come in Granite Grey metallic which highlights the inner workings of the bike and it's unique seat colour.

Upgrading to Manhattan Metallic Matt gives a darker and more retro feel with it's deep khaki finish and the leather seat changes to tan. It's combined with black matt components for a great balance of colour. Alternatively you can also opt for the Option 719 paintworks in Pollux/Light White or Underground/Light White.

The BMW nineT Scrambler starts at £12,350.

R nineT Urban G/S

The final option available in the BMW R nineT range is the Urban G/S which comes from a long line of GS models that have set the standard in dual-sport motorcycles since 1980 with the duality of the rider aids and options of modern motorcycles.

The retro styling is evident from the moment you look at the bike with classic G/S model features such as the lamp cover and the front wheel cover. This is paired with distinctive R nineT elements like the shape of the tank and snorkel cover.

At 820mm, the seat height gives you a raised and relaxed riding position, albeit with a firm feeling seat. One of the key features of the R nineT Urban G/S is the 19 inch front wheel in place of the 17 inch wheel you'll find on the standard R nineT models which really emphasises the performance.

The colour options for the R nineT Urban G/S have been chosen with the nostalgic feel of the 80's in mind. You can opt for Option 719 Underground/Light White combination for cool styling, Light White with Tape for an eye catching classic BMW style, or Imperial Blue metallic for an elegant look.

The BMW R nineT Urban G/S starts at £12,350.


There are very few bikes that are as versatile and offer as many options for customisation as the BMW R nineT. With multiple variants to choose from and then numerous parts, colours, and features to add to your bike it truly gives you the ability to make your own set up.

For more information about this premium bike or to book a test drive please don't hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable teams at BMW Motorrad in Aberdeen and Tayside.