BMW R 1250 GS review

The BMW R1250 GS has been produced in Berlin by BMW Motorrad since 2019. It follows a long line of BMW GS series models. With 40 years of experience building the GS line, starting with the R80 G/S back in 1980, its safe to say that BMW Motorrad know what they're doing.

Our BMW R 1250 GS review will guide you through the latest model to help you decide if it's the right choice for your new bike.

Design and Style

As a GS model, the R 1250 GS sports longer travel suspension, a more upright riding position, and a larger front tyre at 19 inches. It's styling is identical to its predecessor, the R1200 GS, and it's chassis is identical.

However, whilst the overall design has stayed the same, there have been a number of new and exciting features introduced to keep the BMW GS range as the most innovative in the market.

The new LED headlight design allows maximum visibility and swivels with adaptive headlight functioning and a cruising light. Another difference that connoisseurs of the brand will notice is that the Brembo brakes have been replaced by BMW branded ones. This is due to a manufacturer change with the brakes now being made by Hayes in the US. This is matched with new dynamic brake control to close the throttle valves when it detects harsh braking.

There are a selection of colour finishes available for the R1250 GS, with the standard bike coming in Light White. This highlights the aluminium silver, black, and grey frame and add on parts and the telescopic fork in light gold.

GS Trophy Style introduces a clear sport windscreen and low Rallye seat with the frame and centre tank in Light White contrasting the Gravity Blue metallic of the bulk of the paintwork. Golden brake callipers and black cross spoke wheels finish the look.

Triple Black combines parts in Black Storm metallic, Black, and Agate Grey to give the motorcycle a sophisticated and impressive appearance. The main frame and cylinder head covers, along with several smaller details, are finished in Agate Grey as a perfect compliment to the dark black sections.

The final option is the Rallye Style which highlights the sports bike potential of the R 1250 GS. It gives a colour combination of Light White, Racing Blue Metallic, and Racing Red (a combination that is distinctively BMW), with the choice of black or gold cross-spoke wheels and low three-colour Rallye seat.

Opting for the R 1250 GS Adventure gives you Ice Grey as the standard option in place of Light White. There's silver details such as the handlebars, black cross-spoked wheels, hand protector, and brake callipers, and a red/black combination seat for a truly sleek sporty styling.


The BMW R1250 GS also comes as the R1250 GS Adventure, "the queen of the touring enduro".

The Adventure bike is 63mm longer, 27.5mm wider, and 30mm taller than the standard R1250 GS and the seat height is raised to 890mm from 850mm. These changes to the frame have optimised the high standard of touring suitability and comfort of the R1250 GS.

The BMW R1250 GS Adventure comes with ABS Pro as standard which allows the motorcycle to stay in control even during breaking manoeuvres at a banking angle. This cornering ABS functionality works even in situations where there is fast braking by reducing abrupt changes in steering force and constantly monitoring the banking angle of the motorcycle.

Another key difference between the standard model and the Adventure is the size of the fuel tank. With the Adventure designed with touring in mind it offers a larger tank of 30 litres, compared to 20 litres on the standard model, which can offer an additional couple of hundred kilometres based on the estimated fuel consumption of 4.75 l/100km.


Standard equipment on the BMW R1250 GS includes a TFT dash with full colour display, full LED headlights, dynamic traction control, integral ABS Pro, hill start control, intelligent emergency ECall, a USB charging socket, and 3 riding modes.

Optional equipment includes seat heating, electronic suspension adjustment with automatic load levelling and automatic damping mode, a light package with adaptive headlight and cruise light, auxiliary LED lamps, Enduro-Package with engine guard and handlebar riser, Sport silencer, heated grips, and cruise control.

There is the option to add on Riding Mode Pro which gives you Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Enduro, and Enduro Pro. You'll also get mode pre selection which allows you to set numbers against each riding mode, automated hill start control pro, DBC, and assist, and engine brake control.

Most of these additional rider aids are bundled together in one of five packages to make it easier to choose a set up for your bike. These packages are Comfort, Dynamic, Enduro, Light, and Touring, meaning that unless you have a very specific build in mind, Motorrad will assist you with what they know works together.

Opting for the R 1250 GS TE spec will come with the Comfort Package, Dynamic Package, and Touring Package already fitted as part of the build.


The BMW R 1250 GS has a1254cc two-cylinder boxer engine with four valves per cylinder and variable valve timing system.

Variable valve timing is such a big deal on adventure bikes as you need the bike to be able to work in two ways: with the high power required to propel a 200kg bike at high speeds, and with unfailing throttle response and controllable low range torque to be able to take advantage of constantly changing surfaces. The result is a totally different power delivery feeling as you ride compared to a bike without variable valves.

The only way to have an engine that is capable of this is by having two sets of camshaft lobes that can change quickly from set of lobes to the other. BMW's liquid cooled two-cylinder boxer engine is capable of exactly this thanks to new shift cam technology. The intake camshaft can be switched within one cam revolution between subdued driving with smooth engine response for better mileage and full throttle application.

What this translates to is one of the best all round bike options on the market. The new engine delivers a top speed of over 200 km/h from a maximum torque of 143 Nm at 6250 rpm and 136HP.

Fuel economy is great too at 4.75 l/100km and switching to Eco Mode allows you to have a softer throttle response with live responses on the TFT display to indicate how your riding is effecting the performance.

BMW Motorrad are also the first luxury manufacturer to offer a three year warranty on all new bikes as opposed to 2 years with most other manufacturers. This gives you an additional year of protection, genuine BMW Motorrad parts on any repairs, and no mileage limit to worry about for your bike to be eligible.


The standard BMW R1250 GS starts at £14,990, for comparison a Suzuki V-Strom 1050 starts at £13,699, with the R1250 GS Adventure starting at £16,360.

The additional packs that bundle some of the extra equipment together will obviously increase the price further. The pricing for these is as follows: Comfort Package is £720, Dynamic Package is £1490, Enduro Package is £650, Light Package is £770, and the Touring Package is £885.

There's also the option for a number of Option 719 parts to be added to your build for an additional cost. These are Classic Billet Pack I, Classic Billet Pack II, Shadow Billet Pack I, Shadow Billet Pack II, Storm Billet Pack I, and Storm Billet Pack II. These packs range from £970 to £1080 depending on which one you go for and you can expect items such as hand levers, foot levers, and tank covers.


The BMW R1250 GS is an excellent example of an on/off road bike with a huge amount of rider modes, rider aids, and a whole new powerful engine system to take you on your journey. It's also a bike that's built with customisation in mind with an array of additional equipment and aesthetic options s that you can make the bike match the vision that you have of it.

We have knowledgeable teams at our BMW sites in Aberdeen and Tayside who are always on hand to answer any further questions.