BMW S1000RR review

The BMW S1000RR was introduced in 2009 by BMW Motorrad, initially to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championships. It then went into commercial production in 2010, although the race bike still retains a number of differences to make it suitable to compete.

S Series models are the performance orientated group of bikes in Motorrad's line up and the S1000RR was awarded Sports Bike of the Year at the 2020 MCN Awards after winning Overall Machine of the Year in 2019.

Our BMW S1000RR review will guide you through the current model to help you decide if the S1000RR is the right model for your next bike.

Design and Style

The current model version has been updated to include a new tail section and M1000RR winglets. This makes it look considerably different from the previous model and feels different as you ride too thanks to a slimmer tank, new riding position, and wider bars.

The updated frame has been dubbed the "Flex Frame" with four cast aluminium struts welded together with the engine as a stressed member (where the engine is used as a structural element rather than being contained within the chassis separately). The result is a lighter frame and enhanced riding dynamics.

Elsewhere BMW have lowered the steering head angle and decreased the fork bridges offset in order to make the front wheel even more precise.

The standard paint option is Black Storm Metallic and gives the bike an overall dark appearance and colours the rear wheel swinging arm, wheels, and brake calipers in black too. These details are left in black if you opt for the Passion Style whilst the paintwork is a bright Racing Red. The contrast of the two colours is striking and the S1000RR logo detail completes the look.

The final style option is the M Package. Motorrad describe this as sharpening the sporty profile of the RR model and it completely changes the look of the bike with paintwork in a combination of BMW's Light White and M Motorsport which adds accents of red and blue. As well as this it adds a non slip upper material to the M Sport Seat to give the rider the best possible grip and the M Carbon Fibre Wheels offer excellent riding dynamics.


As standard the BMW S1000RR comes with an on-board computer, dynamic brake light, comfort turn indicator, LED headlight, LED tail light, LED flashing turn indicator, a USB port, an adjustable handbrake lever, adjustable clutch lever, electronic immobiliser, an M lightweight battery, and the M Chassis kit.

You'll also have a full colour TFT screen which has been tidied up to make it easier to use whilst riding. It has multiple screen options to allow you to view what's important to you and have less distractions whilst on the road. It also means that its easier to view settings for the bike's electronic systems such as ABS Pro, Dynamic traction control, dynamic damping control, launch control, and hill start control. As well as this you can use the BMW Motorrad Connected app to

There are several optional packages that can be added on depending on what's important to you to have on your bike.

The Dynamic Package includes heated grips, cruise control, Riding Mode Pro, and dynamic damping control whilst the Performance Package adds the M Endurance Chain and the option of either a sports silencer or the M Titan Exhaust System.

There are also two aesthetic based packages. The Carbon Package includes carbon fibre reinforced plastic parts to enhance the look of your superbike whilst the M Billet Package upgrades certain features to milled parts made of anodised aluminium.

The S1000RR also has a number of M Performance Parts available to add to your bike including carbon wheels, the M Endurance Chain, M Seat, and M Titan Exhaust. These can also be combined in the M package if you're looking to add the entire selection.


The BMW S1000RR has a four cylinder, four stroke in line engine which has BMW . This technology uses a one piece camshaft with two cam pair per actuated valve to vary valve timing and valve lift on the intake side. It's what makes the S1000RR such a versatile bike.

This gives the 999ccm engine an output of 210 HP and 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm. Whilst the torque hasn't changed from previous models it will feel like it has some more bite as BMW have added an extra tooth into the rear sprocket for a total of 46. It also shares the same engine as the naked M1000R which means it's got the same power and torque but with a different gear set up.

The different riding modes allow you to adjust how the bike handles not only to the conditions, but to your own preference too.

Rain mode gives a softer throttle response and reduced torque; Road mode has direct throttle response and reduced torque in lower gears; Dynamic mode has direct response and maximum torque in all gears; and Race mode also has direct throttle response and maximum torque in all gears.

You can also upgrade to Ride Modes Pro which gives you Race Pro 1-3. These allow complete customisation of all features including throttle response and engine brake with the left handlebar mounted switch available to make changing the settings easily adjustable.

In poor riding conditions you'll find that the cornering abs, wheelie control, and traction control will work together with the configurable riding modes to assist you as you ride.

All brand new BMW Motorrad bikes now come with a 3 year manufacturing warranty, making them the first premium manufacturer to extend their warranty. This gives you access to repairs from your authorised BMW motorcycle dealer with BMW Motorrad parts and no mileage limit wherever your travels take you.


The BMW S1000RR starts at £17,150 with the many available options increasing the price from here. The M Package costs £4480, the Carbon Package costs £2000, the Dynamic Package costs £1400, the Performance Package is £925, and finally the M Billet Package costs an additional £410.

For comparison, a Honda Fireblade starts at £19,999 whilst a Suzuki GSX-R100 starts at £11,499, placing the S1000RR firmly between the two at entry level pricing.

BMW Motorrad bikes have a history of holding their value over time, so if you find yourself in a position to sell your bike at a later date its likely that it will have depreciated much less than rivals.


If you're looking for a powerful superbike that has plenty of customisation options then the S1000RR should be at the top of your list.

It holds up well against rivals such as the Honda Fireblade or the Suzuki GSX-R1000 thanks to excellent BMW equipment such as multiple rider modes, semi active suspension, it's host of advanced electronics, and it's longer 3 year warranty.

For more information, or to book a test drive, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly teams at BMW Motorrad in Aberdeen and Tayside who are always on hand to help you choose your new bike.