BMW x2 xdrive25e Review

The BMW x2 xdrive25e is a sporty looking plug-in hybrid that will help motorists to limit their carbon footprint for every mile they drive. The BMW x2 xdrive25e is likely to be a big competitor to the Mercedes GLA 250 e plug-in hybrid when it first goes on sale in the UK in the summer of 2021.

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Range, Charging, & Emissions

The BMW x2 xdrive25e has a real-world electric driving range of between 31 and 32 miles. This figure goes up to 35 miles, according to BMW, under WLTP test conditions. Obviously, this is nowhere near what you'd expect of an all-electric car, but you always have the petrol fuel tank to rely on for longer journeys! The x2 compares a little unfavourably to the GLA 250 e plug-in hybrid, however. Mercedes says this electric motor will convey you up to 37 miles.

The xdrive25e plug-in hybrid comes supplied with a 10 kWh battery pack distributed evenly across the vehicle, so it still feels a well-balanced vehicle to drive.

The BMW x2 xdrive25e can be charged with a domestic power outlet. If you take this option, then the vehicle will take about five hours to go from empty to full, thereby affording you the maximum 35 miles of range. More practically, however, the x2 xdrive25e will charge from 20 per cent to 80 percent in just over three and three-quarter hours. If you charge your BMW x2 xdrive25e with a 7kW charger using the Type 2 port the X3 comes with then, it will take a little over three hours to fully charge or about two and a half hours to get to 80 per cent.

Running Costs

An average recharge of the BMW x2 xdrive25e will set you back just £1.40 depending on your energy tariff. It is worth noting that the new BMW x2 plug-in hybrid has no fast charging capacity, however.

Because the new BMW x2 plug-in hybrid is so new, British insurers have yet to decide where to bracket the car. That said, most non plug-in hybrid variants of the car are in insurance group 22 with a few higher spec x2 models of the car in groups 27 to 31. Only the xdrive 25e sport auto 5-door version of the car is higher, in group 40. It is probable, therefore, that the x2 xdrive25e plug-in hybrid will occupy similar insurance brackets.

According to BMW the x2 xdrive25e plug-in hybrid will come with a three-year warranty period. This is what BMW offers for all of its PHEV warranties currently. With the x2 xdrive25e plug-in hybrid, this will not be limited to any amount of mileage the electric motor has done in that time. There is a 12-year corrosion warranty that the BMW the x2 xdrive25e comes with, too.

BMW says that the x2 xdrive25e plug-in hybrid should be serviced every 36,000 miles it is driven. The x2 xdrive25e also needs to be seen by a qualified technician after its first year of service, regardless of how much the car has been used.

The xdrive25e plug-in hybrid will be charged road tax just like any other 1.5 litre SUV, even one with twin power sources. That said, motorists will be able to enjoy a benefit in kind (BIK) rate that is favourable if the BMW x2 xdrive25e is driven as a company car. The BIK is currently set to 11 per cent for the 2021-22 financial year.


The top speed of the SUV is 121 mph when it is being powered by petrol. The electric model of the car will limit you to 84 mph, however. Still, the BMW x2 xdrive25e plug-in SUV will get to 62 mph from stationary in just 6.8 seconds which is more than enough for most drivers.

The BMW x2 compares reasonably favourably with other four-wheel-drive SUVs. If you are looking for a plug-in hybrid of a similar class, then the Peugeot 508 PHEV SUV offers exactly the same maximum velocity in electric mode, at 84 mph. It is slower at achieving 0-62 mph, however, taking over 8 seconds. The Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e does the same in 6.6 seconds.

Both Sport and Manumatic modes make BMW's six-speed gearbox come to life with gear changes that are as seamless as they are dynamic. On longer journeys where you will want to relax, the BMW x2 can be put into Comfort or Eco mode. Both restrict the response of the accelerator but are fine when you are eating up the miles on the motorway.

The BMW X2 is set to Comfort as default. If you choose Eco mode instead, then you can expect about 39 MPG. The car has one setting for its regenerative braking system to save battery power and lower the amount of time you'll need to spend recharging.

How it performs in different environments: The BMW is a four-wheel-drive vehicle built for longer journeys on roads. Its best fuel economy is when it is cruising. However, the regenerative braking function certainly helps fuel economy when you are in the city because more traffic means more braking and more electric charge. If you're using it for a commute across town every day, then relying on the batteries is undoubtedly feasible, especially if you can top it up at the office.


Billed officially by BMW as a Sports Activity Coupé, the X2 has exactly the same outward appearance of any BMW X2. The only thing you'll see that is different is the electric power port.

17-inch double-spoke alloy wheels are standard with the BMW xdrive plug-in hybrid. The Mesh edition of the car comes with bi-coloured alloy wheels and special door entry seals. There are also some exclusive colour options with the Mesh edition. It should be noted that the Mesh edition is the direct replacement for the old Sport X version of the car.

There are three versions of the xdrive25e on offer, the standard model, the Sport trim and the Mesh edition.


The dashboard is laid out differently in the hybrid version of the BMW x2. To begin with, the instrumentation cluster enables you to see the performance of the electric motor at a glance, helping you to decide whether to put the car into its save battery operation or not with ease. You get a combined forecast for when you'll next need to fill up or recharge, too. The Tech Pack 2 option offers a heads-up display, as well.

The car's infotainment system is good but nothing special. You can connect to it via USB. There is a Type-A port located beside a 12V output at the front of the central console. In the rear, there's a Type-C port. The 8.8-inch screen runs BMW's iDrive system and Apple CarPlay. You get a 7-speaker premium audio system, too.

Other features to look out for are climate control, a powered tailgate, ambient interior lighting and powered mirrors. A universal garage door opener and automatic parking feature are optional extras, however.

There are slim pockets on the front and rear doors of the BMW x2 PHEV. These will hold a wallet or a smartphone, but not much else. You get a pair of cup holders in the front, and the central console has some storage capacity, too.

With the rear seats in use, 410 litres of storage space is available in the boot. This is slightly lower than other x2s because of the battery. That said, the rear seats fold down in a 40:20:40 ratio which is handy for transporting bulkier items. In this configuration, expect 1,290 litres of room.


Euro NCAP has yet to test the xdrive25e version of the x2 for safety. However, the 2015 model gained a five-star rating, and few would bet against the same feat for the plug-in version.

Expect front airbags for the driver and passenger, while side airbags will also protect rear occupants. Speed assistance and an active bonnet system are likely to feature, as well. Low-speed automatic braking is also expected.


The x2 xdrive25e is reasonably priced for a three-cylinder petrol engine sports utility vehicle even before you consider the electric driving range that boosts the 1.5-litre engine. £39,390 is the price demanded of the entry-level version, more than a standard x2 so you will pay for the privilege of lowering your CO2 emissions. If you want the Sport trim, then the price rises to £43,210.

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