Jaguar XE review

The Jaguar XE has been part of the Jaguar range since it was launched in 2015 and continues to be a great choice for drivers looking for a sedan that's a little more sporty.

Designed as a sports saloon to compete with the likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, and the Mercedes C Class it certainly proves that it can hold its own. From it's enticing price point to the high quality of the features and materials used, the Jaguar XE is consistently a popular choice in the category.

This Jaguar XE review will look at what makes the XE a great drive and an even greater option for your next new Jaguar.


Jaguar themselves identify that their image has always been "synonymous with great design". This is reflected in every model across the range with their striking and instantly recognisable look.

The brand isn't afraid of making changes either. In 2019 it was given a small facelift to bring us to the new Jaguar XE we know today. It altered things like a sharper shape at the front of the vehicle and a restyle of the bumpers whilst moving to keep it in line with rivals like the Mercedes C Class or even the Volvo S60.

A new style of steering wheel was implemented alongside a gear lever similar to the one found in the Jaguar F Type and an upgrade in the materials for the finishes along the centre console and dashboard. These work really well with the standard leather seats and ambient interior lighting to create an elevated feel from the second you slide into the cabin.

Interior and Style

Regardless of which version of the Jaguar XE you opt for, you are guaranteed a luxurious drive every time. Whether you choose the entry level R Dynamic S or the top spec 300 Sport you're guaranteed that you'll have a high interior quality.

The centre console is uncluttered, with all of your controls in one streamlined area between the two front seats, and much less clunky looking than competitors such as the Audi A4 or the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This is paired with a fully digital dash which can display your fuel information or your route on the integrated sat nav for a fully integrated technology focused cabin.

The infotainment was given a refresh in 2019 to include a 10 inch touchscreen which houses the Pivi Pro system and allows you to set up your phone wirelessly with Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Two zone climate control, sat nav, and leather seats are standard, as you would expect from a luxury brand like Jaguar, but you also get additional things like the 12 way heated electric front seats to make it feel even more opulent.


Sports seats are standard for the driver and front passenger and have 12 way electric adjustment with heating function to tailor them to the most comfortable position for you. There are memory functions available in the higher spec or as an add on which is great if there are multiple drivers in the household and avoids wasting time adjusting your seat every time you get in to drive.

The front seats also provide a good amount of room for their passengers, 971mm of headroom and 1055mm of legroom, so even taller passengers can sit comfortably in the Jaguar XE. Those in the back seats don't fair quite as well with 948mm of headroom and 889mm of legroom. Other cars in the category like the Alfa Romeo Giulia only have a few more millimetres more in comparison to the Jaguar XE.


As you would expect from a saloon car, the Jaguar XE has plenty of boot space available, making it easy to fit a few suitcases or a set of golf clubs in as you need to. It boasts a comfortable 356 litres before adjusting any other areas, although that does pale in comparison to something like the BMW 3 series or Mercedes C Class which both offer over 450 litres of boot space.

The Jaguar XE offers 5 seats and fits 5 adult passengers, although the middle seat in the rear does have more restricted legroom thanks to the transmission tunnel meaning that a fifth passenger would have to adjust and share with the other two in the back.

You can enjoy a pretty smooth drive thanks to double wishbone suspension and responsive steering in either rear wheel or four wheel drive, depending to which model you choose. This allows you to really feel the power of a sports saloon, especially with lower ground clearance and a tech heavy interior.

Performance and Engine Options

The Jaguar XE has three different engines available across the range, one diesel and two petrol, which are allocated to specific spec levels.

The D200 Rear Wheel Drive automatic MHEV is a mild hybrid diesel engine that's available on all R Dynamic models, including the Black Edition, and gives 204PS of power. It works by combining the Jaguar Ingenium engine with a 48v battery and collects some of the energy that is usually lost in when the car is slowed to be stored and reused internally. You can expect this 2.0 litre diesel engine to give you the best fuel economy too, with a combined mpg of up to 58.9.

There are then a couple of four cylinder Ingenium petrol engines available. The R Dynamic HSE model then also has the option of the P250 RWD automatic engine which is a petrol engine capable of 250PS. This petrol engine then has quite a dramatic drop in fuel economy compared to the previous diesel model, reducing the mpg to 34.2.

The final engine available is exclusive to the 300 Sport and is the P300 AWD automatic. It gives a phenomenal 300PS, is the only all wheel drive engine in the range and arguably the most exciting engine too, and has the fastest 0-60mph time at 5.6 seconds. It's definitely not your best option if you're concerned about fuel consumption, it's combined mpg is highlighted as up to 32.5 which is the lowest of all the XE engine choices, but it is a fun drive.

Trim Levels

There are several options available in the trim range for the Jaguar XE, giving an excellent array of features and finishes that you would expect from an executive car.

The entry trim level is the R Dynamic S. As expected it still comes with a huge amount of features as standard. The exterior kit features the R Dynamic bumper, rear valance, side sills, and badge for a sports styling finish alongside dual tailpipes with 75mm finishers and 18 inch diamond cut alloys with a gloss black contrast. It also has rain sensing wipers, a heated rear window, heated electric door mirrors, and automatic headlights for driver convenience.

Inside the cabin, the front sport seats are heated, 12 way electric with DuoLeather for the ultimate comfort and customisation whilst you travel. There's also a 10 inch Touch Pro screen which can be used alongside wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Stepping up to the SE trim changes the alloys to 18 inch diamond cut with a dark grey contrast and reduces it to twin five spoke alloys from multispoke and adds a memory function to the front seats for a little more luxury. It also adds in keyless entry, a heated front windscreen, animated indicators, and upgrades the sound system from 6 to 12 speakers.

Upgrading to the R Dynamic HSE gives an additional engine to choose from, the P250 RWD automatic, making it the only XE in the Jaguar range with more than one engine option. Aesthetically, the HSE switches to larger 19 inch diamond cut, 10 spoke alloys with a dark grey contrast, Windsor leather seats with contrast stitching,

The main pull of the R Dynamic Black is the black exterior pack which gives a gloss black grille with black surround, side vents, and window surrounds. It also gives unique black side sills and mirror caps for an overall sleeker look to the Jaguar XE.

The 300 Sport is the only model which gives you the 300PS engine and it comes with exclusive 300 Sport badging to indicate this. It also comes with 20 inch diamond cut 10 spoke alloys which have a satin grey contrast, paired nicely with the black contrast roof, and tailgate spoiler. The 300 Sport emphasises the performance of the Jaguar XE whilst delivering all of the great features from the range.

Reliability and Safety

There are a number of excellent features included as standard with the Jaguar XE including lane keep assist, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition. All of these are designed to support you and enhance your driving experience.

Euro NCAP have given the Jaguar XE a five star rating consistently from it's first test in 2015 although they note that as this rating is now over 6 years old it has expired and the car is due to be retested. This doesn't mean that there are then any issues with the car, only that within that 6 year period both the motor industry and the ratings system itself are likely to have changed a considerable amount.

It performs better than the Mercedes C Class in every category and the Alfa Romeo Giulia in every category except for adult occupant. Other competitors such as the BMW 3 Series are ahead by a few percent in each of the categories but both fall into the five star category so you can relax in knowing that the Jaguar XE is in the top tier for safety in saloon cars.

Jaguar also provide a standard 3 year warranty with all of their new cars, which can then be extended to give you more cover for your period of ownership. As well as this, the extension also includes and MOT insurance as your car approaches it's first test.


The Jaguar XE is well placed within the saloon market. Starting at £32,205 with the R Dynamic S you get a whole range of excellent features and comforts that you wouldn't necessarily get with other basic models of similar cars.

Moving up brings you to the R Dynamic SE at £34,260 and the the R Dynamic Black is only a £225 jump at £34,485. It's worth noting that all of these models are still cheaper than the entry level BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class.

The final in the R Dynamic line up is the HSE which comes in at £36,585. The 300 Sport then jumps up in price, coming in at £42.345, but provide the quickest and most powerful engine of the whole range.

All prices mentioned are before looking at any additional features or changes. Choosing to change the exterior colour, alloy type, and adding in extra features that aren't standard for your chosen spec will increase the price from the initial listed cost.


If you're struggling to decide which luxury saloon car is best for you then the Jaguar XE delivers. From a range of amazing features and materials as standard, to efficient engine choices it's a great option for your next car.

Whilst perhaps not the most practical if you regularly travel at full capacity, it certainly offers a treasure trove of the latest technology and features for the ultimate driving experience whether you're cruising on the motorway or zipping along country roads.

Jaguar XE