Skoda Superb vs Octavia


Skoda has a reputation for building reliable cars that come with lots of features and a lower price tag than competitors. They've hit almost every segment of the market with multiple options in each available across the full range which is why their models are often compared to each other and you'll wonder which one you really need.

The Skoda Octavia and the Skoda Superb are two of the largest family cars currently available on the market. The Octavia is similarly priced to the SEAT Leon and the Ford Focus but with more room than both whilst the Superb falls into the same category as the Ford Mondeo or the VW Passat, with even more room to offer.

The Skoda Superb has been produced since 2001 and is currently in its third generation, which was unveiled in 2015 at Geneva Motor Show. The facelifted model became the first in the Skoda range to use matrix all LED headlights, predictive cruise control, and emergency assist.

The Skoda Octavia, on the other hand has been around in various forms since 1996 and is on it's fourth generation since then. It also introduced new features for the first time including a heads up display, two 10 inch displays, wireless smartphone charging, and a new sound system by Canton, to name a few.

Let's take a look at both models and see if there's a clear answer to the Skoda Octavia vs Skoda Superb fight.


The two models have some differences in design, primarily due to the size differences between the two models. The Octavia and Superb both have huge boots and great standard features. They are also both available as either hatchbacks or estate models.

The Skoda Superb is the larger of the two, 180mm longer and 37mm wider in total than the Skoda Octavia which makes a big difference for passengers, particularly in the rear seats. The width of the rear row is 1519mm compared to the Octavia's 1444mm which gives much more rear shoulder room. The extra room continues into the boot where the Skoda Superb has 25 litres more than the Skoda Octavia with all seats in use and 205 litres more if the rear seats are down.

The styling of the build itself differs between the two. The Superb feels like a refined version of the Octavia, not that there is anything wrong with the design of the Octavia at all, but the angles are sharper and the creases along the front and rear doors are tighter which makes it feel a little more powerful. There's also the chrome side window frames which is a standard on the Superb but doesn't appear until the higher trim levels on the Octavia. Small design choices but enough to be a difference.

There are things that are the same in both models though, such as them both having a radiator grille chrome surround or the leather wrapped steering wheel, Skoda recognises as a necessity for every model for a continuity across the range.

In terms of features you can expect a high standard from both of them. Whilst both have LED headlights, the Octavia offers full LED headlights, LED fog lights, and a rear fog light on one side of the vehicle. In comparison, the Superb has electrically adjustable, heated, folding, and driver side auto-dimming doors mirrors that have integrated indicators.

Performance and Drive

Both the Skoda Superb and the Skoda Octavia have a number of engine options available, with the former offering 6 and the latter offering 10 in a combination of petrol, diesel, and hybrid.

The Superb engines are all a bit punchier, offering 0-60mph times all under 9.5 seconds whilst the Octavia can take up to 10.8 seconds depending on the engine. However, all of the Octavia engine options appear to be more economical on fuel and offer much higher combined mpg than the Superb offerings. Both do, however offer a plug in hybrid version which is always going to be the better option for fuel economy thanks to the built in electric motor.

Neither is wholly different than the other, or has a full set of features that the other doesn't, but for every day use there are certainly things that make a difference. As far as standard features go, the Skoda Superb offers front and rear parking sensors and a drive mode selection, which makes it great in the city and motorway alike.

Alternatively, the Skoda Octavia includes front assist, lane assist, and full LED headlights which gives more support to you as a driver so that you can focus on what's in front of you.

Looking at safety performance both are on par with the rest of the Skoda range, with both the Octavia and the Superb taking home a five star rating from Euro NCAP. The Superb's rating is from 2015 and has therefore expired, which for Euro NCAP doesn't mean that the car is now unsafe or doesn't pass, it just means that it's due for a renewed test as testing conditions change in line with new technologies and findings.


If you're figuring out which is better for you in the Skoda Octavia vs Skoda superb battle, both are going to be great as a family car and your biggest decision is going to be whether the additional space that the Superb gives over the already room Octavia is necessary.

Picking the right one comes down to your priorities. The Superb is the refined and more spacious option but for the same money you could invest in one of the higher spec Octavia's and get more for our money.

If you're still not sure the John Clark Skoda dealerships in Aberdeen, Dundee, and Perth are definitely worth a visit, our friendly and knowledgeable teams can talk to you in more details and show you them in person to help you really get a feel for them.

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