The Alpine A110 Range

The Alpine A110 range drives on a track towards the camera.


Founded in France in 1955, the Alpine brand came from the mind of a passionate motorsports fan named Jean Rédélé who was inspired by his favourite playground: The Alps. The location gave way to the name of the iconic sports car and have been built on three principles ever since: lightness, agility, and competitive spirit.

The new A110 model range offers modern design and interpretation of these brand pillars and sees it stand up confidently against rivals such as the Audi TT and the Porsche Cayman, especially with the R, GT, and S versions all now available. The brand's ties and relationship to the Renault Group are an important part of their identity and history and continue to make the Alpine A110 range accessible to a wider audience.​

Alpine A110

The Alpine A110 range on a track driving towards the camera.

The "base" model in the range is the Alpine A110 and it's an impressive sports car before you consider the others available.

The clean sheet chassis, made from aluminium, is taken directly from the brand's motorsport links. Alpine believes that the most agile sports car is the lightest one and they have created a car weighing as little as 1082kg, making it the lightest sports car in its category.

The bodywork and underbody, also made from aluminium, are riveted and welded which follows supercar tradition. The underbody is also entirely flat and complemented by a spoiler under the bumper to deliver outstanding stability an aerodynamic efficiency.

The A110's drag coefficient is 0.32, 0.1 less than the Porsche Cayman, and is aided by air inlets in the front bumper which are designed specifically to create a curtain along the front of the wheel wells to improve air flow.

The weight distribution of the Alpine A110 is key to amplifying the driving sensations when you are on the road. This is centred, with the mid-rear position of the engine equating to 56% on the rear axle and 44% on the front axle and the fuel tank is placed behind the front axle to complete the balance.

The 1.8 litre engine is a turbocharged, 4 cylinder, direct injection petrol engine with a power output of 252hp and a top speed of 155mph on track. Official figures show the car has a 0-62mph time of just 4.5 seconds. Fuel economy is actually quite impressive for a sports car with combined fuel consumption coming in at up to 40mpg,

The seven speed, dual clutch, automatic gearbox ensures smooth gear changes that are swift and there is no manual gearbox option. You can also choose from three different driving mode options: Normal mode, Sport mode, or Track mode. This allows you to adjust the throttle response, steering assistance, gearshift speeds, exhaust sound, and the ESC settings.

Safety and driver assistance equipment in the A110 includes hill start assist, automatic emergency braking, ABS, follow me home lighting, de-activatable stability control system, rear glass with third brake light, driver and passenger airbags, cruise control with speed limiter, and four front LED lights.

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Alpine A110


Alpine A110 GT

The Alpine A110 GT models replaced the previously named Légende and "is the perfect blend between elegance and performance. A Grand Tourer that promises a thrilling escape with refined comfort."

In addition to the features in the standard A110, the GT models add a selection of equipment which enhances ambiance of elegance and comfort onboard. Leather, glossy carbon, and aluminium all come together in the cabin to give the interior a distinctive aesthetic of Grand Touring.

Get comfortable in Sabelt six way adjustable seats finished in Legende Brown leather with contrast Alpine Blue stitching which perfectly complements the glossy carbon insert on the centre console and lighter finishes on the interior of the doors. The seats can also have heated functionality added to keep you comfortable all year round.

The sound system is upgraded to the Focal Audio System and can be upgraded to the premium Focal system if it's an important part of your driving experience. It works alongside Apple Carplay and Android Auto for a seamless media reality with every journey.

The 1.8 litre turbo engine is ramped up to give you more power at 300 HP at 6300 rpm with the maximum torque increased to 340 Nm from 2400 to 6000 rpm across the four cylinders.

This equates to a top speed of 155mph and a 0-62mph time of just 4.2 seconds. For comparison, the Porsche Taycan offers a time of 5.1 seconds whilst the Audi TT comes in at 6.6 seconds.​

Alpine A110 GT

Alpine A110 S

The Alpine A110 S versions take their inspiration directly from the iconic design of the Berlinette, the original Alpine A110 model from 1961. Its profile is a continuous line, like a single stroke on a drawing board, which hugs all the mechanical parts and gives the car a bold allure.

This is supported by the aero kit which gives the A110 S a front blade and rear spoiler in carbon which increases downforce on the car. This gives better stability and improved aerodynamics alongside the fully flat underbody and the diffuser under the bumper - all technology taken directly from supercars and Formula 1. Additionally the A110 S adds rear parking sensors with an audible signal and the option to upgrade to include front parking sensors too.

It offers the same power as the aforementioned GT model with 300 HP at 6300 rpm and 340 Nm of torque from 2400 to 6000 rpm. The main difference here is that the S model has a top speed of 170mph with the Aero kit - 15mph more than the GT offers.

Inside you'll have Sabelt sport one-piece bucket seats which are finished in a mix of leather and microfibre with contrasting orange stitching whilst the carbon inserts boast a matte finish. The pedals, driver footrest, and passenger footrest are all aluminium and there are stainless steel door sills which denote the model.

The Alpine A110 S introduces Alpine Telemetrics which provides real-time access to technical data recorded by the vehicle's sensors. These are sensors for systems such as pressures, temperatures, engine speed, and steering wheel angle and are presented to you via a digital graph. It allows you to measure lap timing and performance - ideal if you're taking the car to track days.

Alpine A110 S

Alpine A110 R

The Alpine A110 R, described as the "most radical A110", was built for the track but approved for the road.

It is 34kg lighter than the A110 S with the Aero kit thanks to the integration of F1 carbon in elements such as the front blade, bonnet, side skirts, rear spoiler, diffuser, rear window, and special wheel rims. This low weight is matched with an exclusive chassis which sits 10mm lower than that of the Alpine A110 S with the unique combination of the carbon wheel rims and Michelin PS Cup 2 semi-slick tyres.

The overall result is up to 29kg extra downforce compared to the A110 S with the Aero kit and 5% less drag on the track. The A110 R also becomes the first Alpine sports car to have a 0-62mph time of less than four seconds - 3.9 seconds to be exact - and gives a top speed of 177mph.

The Alpine A110 R offers Sabelt track one-piece bucket seats which have a carbon structure with microfibre pads, a black safety harness, and contrast grey stitching. These match the full microfibre steering wheel with 12 o'clock mark, microfibre cabin details, and the aluminium pedals for a true sports car aesthetic. Additionally, each A110 R has their model number engraved on a plate located under the central console.

Alpine A110 R

Alpine Atelier

Alpine also offers a full customisation of your chosen Alpine A110 through their Alpine Atelier programme. This ensures that every new A110 is as unique as you are with a selection of 20 new body colours which are drawn from Alpine's own history of cars and can be paired with Brembo brakes with brake calipers and alloy wheels in a range of exclusive finishes.

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