Jaguar Emissions Testing

March 7th 2019

Jaguar is the first car maker to put its cars to the test with the AIR Index – and the new independent on-road emissions testing procedure has found that Jaguar diesel models have some of the lowest NOx emissions of any car on sale today. Read the full Press Release here.

Jaguar Land Rover diesels are among the best in Europe, according to independent on-road emissions testing, as part of the new AIR Index

AIR tested four vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover’s range, with all of them achieving an ‘A’ – the best possible rating

The new AIR Index uses a standardised, independent on-road testing procedure to measure the real NOx emissions for each vehicle tested

The Jaguar XE D180 RWD and XF D180 models are also already compliant with the stringent RDE2 NOx emissions legislation, in force from 2021

Jaguar Land Rover new diesel engines boast NOx and particulate emissions comparable with petrol, but with 15% lower CO2 and 25% better economy