Jaguar E Pace

Featuring a sleek ultra-modern shape and vast array of innovative features this posh SUV from Jaguar is their second car of this class after the stunning F-pace. The way that the E-Pace stands out from its predecessor is with a sharper exterior and is a little smaller. Although it does actually weigh more strangely enough. 

Jaguar aimed this SUV as a rival to other premium models like the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and Volvo XC40. It does hold its own very well against these other cars. Also in general in terms of depreciation. You will find that used Jaguar E-Pace’s are a bit more pricey second hand but this does mean you will keep a lot more of your money if you choose to sell it on in a few years. 

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What makes the E-Pace a great used Jaguar?

Interior & Practicality

Jaguar has put a tremendous amount of effort into making the interior of the E-Pace visually engaging and intuitively laid out. The interior has a sports car appeal to it with a vibe similar to the Jaguar F-Type

It features a sloped dashboard that is partly finished in leather and part soft plastics for a premium feel. Controls on the dash are intuitively laid out for easy access and the infotainment system offers a wide array of interactivity including a browser and its own WiFi hotspot that other devices can connect to. Along with front and back parking sensors. This spec scales throughout the trims but even the base model offers a good spec by default.

The E-Pace also boasts a generous amount of storage space throughout. Jaguar has said it has around 60-litres of storage inside. From the glovebox to massive door bins in the front and back, to the array of compartments and cup holders to help keep your things organised. There are even three USB charging points in the back for keeping devices alive.

The boot is also a good size with a capacity of 425-litres, 1234 if you put the back seats down. Whilst it is a little behind many rivals in the same class you’ll have no trouble storing everything you need for a weekend away from a large shop. There is also a little extra space underneath the boot floor. The boot also features a 12-volt charging socket, tethering points and doesn’t have a load lip.

Another practical feature the E-Pace features is a waterproof activity key that allows you to leave the key in the car while off adventuring.


In terms of performance, this SUV offers responsive acceleration, engaging handling and is offered in a range in a broad selection of trims and engines. Most of these are available in the back wheel or four-wheel drive. If possible we would recommend opting for one of the four-wheel-drive models for the extra traction. This will help in poor weather and on fast corners. 

There are three diesel engines and three petrol on offer. These range in power from the 148bhp diesel that does all 0-60mph in 10.1 seconds all the way up to the 296bhp petrol that bursts from 0-60mhp in under 6 seconds. There are many options between here though to suit all needs. 

Safety Features

The E-Pace has put safety first in all areas. By the standard you’ll benefit from AEB, collision avoidance, lane keep assist, driver tiredness awareness, and speed limit awareness. To name a few of the most notable features. It even features an airbag in the bonnet to further protect pedestrians in case of a collision. 

All this combined has helped the E-Pace achieve its well deserved five-star rating from Euro NCAP.