Used Jaguar XF

Launched in 2007 the Jaguar XF has brought bold aesthetics and reliability to UK roads for over a decade. It is fair to say this executive saloon has struck the perfect balance between function and design. The premium build quality and sleek, modern lines make it a strong rival for other luxurious saloons. 

There is much to love about this stunning saloon from its incredibly responsive handling to the classic, luxurious design. It also boasts more character than many rivals in the same category. This makes the XF a great option to pick up on the used Jaguar market. There is also a wide range to choose from ensuring you have no trouble finding the perfect model for you.

Other key reasons to pick up a used XF include how spacious the interior along with the vast array of in-car innovations from Jaguar. You’ll also pay less for insurance than if you opted for one of the rivals. Nowadays the first-generation XF is particularly good value for money on the used market.

What trims are available for the XF?

The XF currently comes in a choice of four trims. This includes Prestige, R-Sport, Portfolio, and S. 

The Prestige is the entry-level XF don’t mistake entry level for low-spec though as the Prestige is quite kitted-out as standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlamps, leather seats, and cruise control. 

Next up, the R-Sport upgrades the wheels to 18-inch and brings a sportier body kit with enhanced bumpers, and chrome power vents. The seats and tread plates have even been proudly marked with ‘R-Sport’. 

The next trim is the Portfolio. This trim upgrades the wheels to 18-inch and the leather seats to electric. It also has 60:40 rear fold seats and comes with a high-tech Meridian sound system. We find the Portfolio to be the most popular trim on the used market. 

Lastly, there is the S trim. This is the highest spec XF available and brings in 19-inch wheels, red brake callipers, adaptive dynamics, and an ‘S’ body kit. And of course, embossed electric leather seats that ooze perfection.

What should I look out for when buying a Jaguar XF?

As with buying any used car it's important to thoroughly check what you are buying, even if it is as stunning as the Jaguar XF. 

There are a few XF specific issues to be on the lookout for, whilst these are rare occurrences it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant when buying your next car. The XF’s tyre-pressure monitoring system’s valve sensors can corrode and cause issues. Inspecting the tyres can easily identify any issues here though.