Technology Behind Excellence: The Jaguar F-Pace

The F-Pace boasts a wealth of intuitive technology, a feature that has no doubt contributed to its critically-acclaimed status. Synonymous with an ability to innovate and excite, it has won 34 global awards including World Car of the Year and became the fastest ever selling Jaguar. To celebrate the Pentland team have chosen their five-favourite technology-orientated features that help make the F-Pace so special.


Standard on every F-Pace, experience its suite of intuitive technologies with InControl. Seamlessly maintaining your digital connections, it comes complete with an 8" touchscreen and an abundance of instruments sure to make even the longest of journeys seem enjoyable.


Available as an option on the F-Pace, the powered Gesture Tailgate makes loading your vehicle easy. Simply wave your foot beneath one of the car's rear corners and provided your key fob is detected the ​tailgate will autonomously open, allowing you to begin loading the vehicle with ease. 


Offering a renewed sense of control, the Electric Power Assisted Steering is active on demand. Via its sophisticated computer management system​, EPAS varies assistance according to the situation at hand, providing more support in tight manoeuvres while improving air flow at higher speeds.


Notifying the driver should it detect an unintentional drift from one land to another, Land Departure Warning provides a visual alert, before vibrating the steering wheel, prompting for the driver to concentrate. 

Heads Up 

Opt for the Head-Up Display (HUD) and have key information displayed into the windscreen via the latest in laser technology. Displaying a variety of notifications including changes in speed limit, upcoming traffic signs and even navigational aid, with the HUD you can rest assured you'll always be well-informed. 

Pentland Pick - Activity Key

Devised with convenience in mind, the Activity Key wristband allows owners to access their vehicle without the need of a conventional key fob.

Lightweight, robust and waterproof, you can participate in a variety of activities without fear of losing your keys, before regaining access to your vehicle with your original key fob securely locked inside. Perfect for hurried holiday commutes and an abundance of recreations, the Jaguar Activity Key wristband is the must-have accessory for summer.