"A big cat with space for the dog" The Telegraph

Subtlety is an action so precise that it is difficult to describe or analyse. Similarly, driving a Jaguar is an unquantifiable experience that can often only be felt, not explained. That principle has never been truer than in the XF Sportbrake thanks to a multitude of features working in tandem to create an impeccable ride. With that in mind, We have crafted a guide to help you make the most of the XF Sportbrake ahead of a potential test drive.

5 Simple reasons to test drive the XF SPORTBRAKE...


A first for Jaguar, the XF-Sportbrake features a gesture adjustable panoramic roof, helping you to open and close the blind with a simple wave of your hand, so you never need take a single eye off road.


Modern and luxurious, the estate's interior is devised of the finest supple leather. Crafted finishes and is available with a selection of ambient lighting options.


Retaining a consistent ride height, the self-levelling rear suspension, counteracts added weight helping driver to maintain maximum control no matter the heavy load.


Underpinned by Jaguar's famed lightweight aluminium core and suspension, the XF Sportbrake's streamlined and dynamic design makes for an efficient and powerful performance.


The Sportbrake remains fresh no matter the conditions thanks to the advent of a cabin air purification system, ensuring that all pollutants and odours are limited to a minimum.