Benefits of a Main Dealer Service

Jaguar Servicing in Scotland


A Jaguar is the sleekest, stylish and most dynamic car on the road. It is a car that merits the highest quality of work available to keep up its head-turning ability. And, with Pentland Jaguar's manufacturer-standard servicing, we can guarantee that your car will be subject to the finest standard of care every time.

Expert technicians

Every member of our technician team is an expert. All have received training directly from Jaguar, ensuring that they know every model, inside and out. Your car will be subject to the most comprehensive, thorough treatment by some of the most knowledgeable technicians in Scotland. This guarantees that, after a service with Pentland, your Jaguar will return to its head-turning best.

Genuine parts and accessories

As a main dealer, we make exclusive use of genuine, manufacturer-approved replacement parts and accessories. Every part is custom-designed for your model, meaning it is a perfect fit for your Jaguar. Not only will your car's running life and performance be extended, but because we insist on only stocking and fitting authentic parts your Jaguar's warranty is maintained whenever service is carried out. This keeps any future servicing costs to a minimum whilst retaining the future value of the vehicle.

Full inspection and diagnostic checks

On top of our typical, high-quality standards, we also ensure that every car we service undergoes a full vehicle inspection and diagnostic health check. We do this with our manufacturer-designed machines, all of which are custom-built to identify any underlying issues with your car's mechanical or electrical components. This allows our technicians to fix any problem before it becomes too serious, and again shows the utmost attention to detail we are proud to give to your car.

Contact us today

With our incredible array of special offers and benefits exclusively available with Pentland Jaguar, there has never been a better time to get your car serviced with us. Alongside our guarantee of the highest quality of service available, you will also receive the best value for money with our competitive price plans.

With our exclusive benefits and special offers, make sure to book your car's next service with Pentland Jaguar today. With dealerships in Stirling, Edinburgh and Perth, we can promise that your Jaguar will never have felt better than after a Pentland service. Call, ring or email us today to find out more, or use our online live chat system.