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Any Jaguar driver who buys a new or Approved Used car from a main dealer automatically receives a warranty and other additional benefits. And, at Pentland Jaguar, we understand how important a vehicle's warranty is for every driver. It is why we use manufacturer-authorised technicians and authentic, Jaguar-approved replacement parts, so that your warranty will remain valid every time your car is serviced with us. It is a claim many other non-authorised garages across Scotland cannot make, and is another exclusive benefit to our customers.

Jaguar Warranties

New - When buying a new car, you can select either a three, four or five-year option. The three-year (or 60,000-mile) warranty is automatically added at no extra cost, with the other options priced competitively. Please contact us for more information.

Approved Used - When you buy an Approved Jaguar, we ensure you get full peace of mind with at least 12 months Approved Warranty, which is only available through an authorised Jaguar Retailer. This is a comprehensive mechanical and electrical component Warranty and also cover certain consequential damages. It is important to note that there is no limit to the value of claims up to the purchase price paid for your Approved Jaguar.

Electric - Any Jaguar Battery Electric of Plug in Hybrid vehicles also include the balance of Battery Warrant up to 8 years and 100,000 miles.

A vehicle's warranty is a crucial asset to any driver. Servicing your car with Pentland Jaguar removes any doubt about your warranty becoming invalid and will leave you confident that any future repair costs on your car will remain at a minimum.

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Extended Warranty

If you wish to have peace of mind for a longer period of time you can Extend your Jaguar Warranty beyond the three-year manufacturer's warranty. Jaguar Extended Warranties combine MOT Insurance which is designed to provide expert protection for your investment and reduce your cost of ownership.

If you own a Jaguar that's still within the three-year manufacturer's warranty, and would like to maintain the reassurance and protection against unexpected repair costs, you can contact us and we will be happy to help.

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With locations across Scotland and dedicated Pentland Jaguar dealerships in Edinburgh and Perth, make sure to contact us today to book your car's service. Or, chat to us online to enquire more about our fantastic services.​

Risk of invalidating warranty with other garages

If you do not service your Jaguar with Pentland or other main dealers, you run the risk of invalidating your vehicle's warranty. This is because you will not receive the first-class care, attention and benefits that a Jaguar merits, and that Pentland delivers. And, with an invalid warranty, any future maintenance work your car will need is likely to be much more expensive. It is another reason why selecting a main dealer should always be your first choice.

Comprehensive servicing with Pentland

At Pentland Jaguar, we make it our mission to subject your Jaguar to the highest and most comprehensive standard of service available. All our technicians have been fully trained directly by Jaguar, and we guarantee that every replacement part we fit is manufacturer-approved and custom-designed for your car. It is this exceedingly high standard that means that your warranty will remain valid, no matter what work is done on your car. Plus, at Pentland, we are proud to offer extended warranties as an additional service to those customers who need it.