Jaguar I Pace

As Jaguar's first big step into the electric car market, the I-Pace, and it's fair to say they did not disappoint. This car represented Jaguar's first significant step towards total electrification and future-proofing the Jaguar brand. 

The I-Pace is a fantastic car for those looking for a family car or a car to bring a little adventure into their lives. It could even be said that it’s a credible threat to the Tesla Model X & S. Having been out for a few years already there is plenty of great I-Pace's available on the used Jaguar market. 

What does an I-Pace offer?

Keeping with what you’d expect from a vehicle designed by Jaguar, the I-Pace is bursting with premium features to enhance practicality and drive experience. 

Everything in the cabin of the car oozes quality from the soft plastics on the dash, fabrics on the door trim. The dashboard is also digital and a separate screen for climate control. All screens and buttons have been very well planned out with everything you would need in arms reach. To ensure a comfortable driving experience the steering wheel can also be

adjustable for both height and reach electronically. 

You can also get the I-Pace with a special key that remembers your entertainment settings, climate control preference and will set it as soon as you get in the car. There is also an activity key that allows you to leave the real key in the car so you can go off and enjoy your day. 

Storage space is also quite generous in the I-Pace. From the array of compartments in the front to deep cup holders to the large door bins. Sitting in the back is spacious and comfortable. Ideal for longer journeys. The rear seats even have a space underneath that can house a tablet to keep in-car entertainment on point. 

The boot has 559-litres of space or 1445-litres if you have the back seats down. This is more than the F-Pace offers. It even has a little extra storage underneath the boot floor that stores your charging cables. The boot also features sturdy tether hooks, a 12-volt socket, coat hook, and doesn’t have a large load lip. 

If this storage is not enough for you, you’ll be pleased to learn that the absence of an engine has allowed for extra storage space in the front. Commonly referred to as a “frunk”. 

As this car is electric you’ll find it smooth and silent to drive. The I-Pace also boasts rapid acceleration. It can go from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. It also has impressive steering and reliable brakes making this Jaguar a force to be reckoned with on the road. 

Jaguar says the I-Pace has a range of 292 miles. This will be more than enough for a long weekend adventure. Being compatible with a rapid charger enabling this SUV to get topped up in as little as 45 minutes. 

As the I-Pace is all-wheel-drive it can also perform well off-road, if the need arises. It even has a setting for it. Also self-raising suspension perfect for any off-road situations. 

No matter what your needs are, the I-Pace is an excellent debut from Jaguar in the electric car market.