Used Jaguar XJ For Sale in Scotland

Nothing quite extrudes luxury the same way the Jaguar XJ does. From its beautifully crafted exterior to the responsive, engaging driving experience, this executive saloon brings a great option for those looking to upgrade their experience. 

The petrol Jaguar XJ was discontinued in 2019 as Jaguar moves towards only offering a fully electric range. Of course, this means the XJ is only available as a used car now, however, the saloon is still a great option to pick up used. Particularly seeing it was the flagship model of the Jaguar line-up in years past.

What makes the Jaguar XJ a good car to buy used?

It's not hard to find a reason to upgrade your motoring with an XJ. Over the years it has earned a reputation for smooth, responsive driving experiences. It is the largest model on the market from Jaguar with the space packed with luxurious features inside. This makes it a great used Jaguar to buy.


Performance-wise the Jaguar XJ boasts solid performance in any environment. With an automatic gearbox fitted as standard, you benefit from a smooth driving experience in urban environments and motorways alike.

The XJ is at home on the motorway. Bursting with power and mass of low-down torque it will cruise along with ease. Overtaking or long journeys are a breeze in this sports saloon. If driving in cities you’ll appreciate the very responsive acceleration when moving away from the lights. It is also a lot more agile for a car of this size than you would expect. An excellent motor for everyday needs.


Another reason to opt for this saloon is how well kitted out it is as standard. Even if you go for the base level trim you benefit from a vast array of premium features that you’d expect in a luxury car. We’ll cover the trim options after this but here are a few luxurious features included as standard. The front seats are adjustable 14-way, finding a comfortable position couldn't be easier. Another driver-focused benefit is that the seat can be adjusted electronically for reach and rake.

The interior also oozes luxury with wood veneer, chrome trim, and lots of leather. None of the hard scratchy plastics that you see in many cars either. Not to mention the ample storage. Everything about the XJ lives up to the Jaguar name.

What engines and trims are available? 

To meet a broad range of needs the XJ comes with four trims and in one engine. Given that the one engine available is a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine it's easy to understand why they only have one. It's a monster with 296bph.

The four trims add features as you go through them, and of course, the cost scales too. These include R-Sport, Portfolio, Collection, and Supercharged. The R-Sport is definitely the most popular though.