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Range Rover

Petrol v Diesel - Make an informed decision, what is best for you? 

It’s been a difficult few years for manufacturers of diesel vehicles: changes to legislation, health concerns, and some less-than truthful declarations about emissions testing have all given the fuel type a bad name. However, while these factors have obviously played their part in helping motorists opt for petrol cars, the reality of the situation is not so clear cut.

Here at John Clark Land Rover, we believe that the decision over whether to choose petrol or diesel should be an informed one. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I buy a diesel car?” simply because of concerns that have been instigated by the media, read on. Only your particular circumstances should really determine which fuel type you adopt.

Of course, while health reports have found that diesel engines produce more NOx than petrol counterparts, all Land Rovers that now meet the Euro 6 emissions standards are the cleanest ever, thanks in no small part to the introduction of the Selective Catalytic Reduction system which converts NOx back to nitrogen and oxygen. This, combined with the fact that diesels produce less CO2 overall than petrol models, could well prove a decisive factor in your decision.

Range Rover Sport

Driving preference

While the emissions and health benefits are undoubtedly crucial to any decision you make, it’s fair to say that your own personal driving preferences will influence the choice of model you buy. It’s worth considering therefore the differences between engine performance, namely that diesel models provide low-speed torque and strong acceleration; petrol models are smoother and more responsive, but require higher speeds to achieve the same torque levels.

It is also wise to determine exactly what you will be using your new or used Land Rover for. Diesel models offer better fuel economy, meaning those taking longer trips more regularly may find this to their benefit. Conversely, if you’re only making short trips around town, the petrol option is preferable.

Finally, it’s worth remembering diesel vehicles are likely to be subjected to more costs over the coming years. London, for example, already has the T-Charge to discourage older vehicles from visiting certain areas, and such an additional supplement could soon add up depending on where you live.

Speak to the professionals

We’re pleased to announce that all new Land Rover models – including the high-performance Range Rove CVR – are available in both petrol and diesel options, with all diesels complying with the Euro 6 emissions standards. If you’re unsure of whether to select a petrol or diesel UK vehicle, our team of experienced sales advisors will be able to offer added insight and help you reach a decision.