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Range Rover Velar

Understanding the different types of Land Rover finance

When investing in a brand-new - or even a used vehicle - you should almost certainly be prepared to take out car finance in order to support your purchase. After all, a new vehicle will set you back many thousands of pounds, with investment in quality seldom coming cheap.

Should the model you’re choosing be a new vehicle from the Land Rover lineup, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of financing options, each of which enables you to drive away in your new vehicle with only affordable monthly payments to be made. But what are the Land Rover financing options currently available, and which one best suits you? We take a look at the car loans and new car deals that will get you on the road for less.

Personal contract purchase (PCP)

A PCP agreement provides you with the chance to benefit from low monthly repayments by deferring much of the vehicle’s value to until the end of the agreement (usually one to four years in length). Simply pay a deposit followed by the monthly installments then, at the end of the term, you have the choice of returning the vehicle, part-exchanging as part of a new agreement, or paying the final Predicted Value fee to take ownership.

Personal contract hire

Choose your Land Rover vehicle and pay an initial rental - often equivalent to between one and 12 months’ rental payments - and select the length of the agreement. You will also need to agree an annual mileage amount - any mileage in excess of this will incur a charge. At the end of the agreement, simply hand the vehicle back.

Hire purchase

A hire purchase plan is perhaps the most traditional form of Land Rover finance, enabling you to take ownership at the end of the agreement. Simply pay your deposit followed by fixed monthly payments over an agreed term. At the end of the term, you own the vehicle.

Balloon hire purchase

Not dissimilar from a standard hire purchase agreement, a balloon hire purchase enables you to keep monthly repayments lower by deferring payment of an agreed proportion of the credit to the end of the scheme. This balloon payment will need to be paid for you to take ownership of the vehicle. Note there is no option to return the vehicle.

For more details on any of the payment plans available for your new Land Rover, or to get a quote using our car finance calculator, get in touch with the team at Pentland Land Rover today.

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