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Our top tips for Renault Van safety ​

Our Renault vans really make a business come to life. Being so versatile and handy they can transform your company and accelerate your goals. But owning a van can sometimes mean you have a lot of contents to keep safe.This small guide will share some top tips on how to keep your Renault van as secure as possible.

Company Branding

Getting your brand name out for everyone to see is a great idea which can benefit you from some additional advertising. However, when you do brand your Renault Van it can draw attention to the expensive equipment that might be inside. Whilst you can’t be too focused on what might happen, this is a something to consider.

Secure Your Tools

Tools are essential for working effectively but they can be very expensive, thus very desirable.We recommend securing a tool box to the van and keep that under lock and key. This way they are kept safe and you always know where they are.

Pro Renault Tip: Like at school, put your name on everything.  Either mark, etch or even emboss your tools with your name or company brand. This way if anything is to go missing it can be easily recognised.

Add a Partition

Partitions are great to ensure maximum security within your Renault van.Adding this will reduce visibility inside which will deter anyone walking past. Furthermore, a secure partition can mean that if you must suddenly brake, no stray tools will come through to the driver’s window. 

Satellite Tracking

Adding a tracking device inside your Renault van is the belt and braces for security. These can be low cost and discreetly placed. The benefits of having these can mean that if your van were to be stolen it can be located and picked up as quick as possible.

Now you know how to keep your Renault van safe, take a look our latest Renault van offers!