With the below British winter weather regularly dipping well below 7 degree Celsius, it's no surprise that winter driving comes with more risks than the rest of the year. But how do you mitigate against these risks? Fortunately, Jaguar has found the answer with its all wheel drive system.

What is jaguar all wheel drive?

All Wheel drive is an intuitive operating system that dispenses power from the engine to all four wheels as opposed to two, thereby providing increased grip.

Delivering superior traction, the system also improves the handling and engagement of the vehicle, making for a more spirited performance.

Why is it so important to drives in the winter months?

Offering greater stability and control, the system continuiusly monitors the road surface.

When it detects that more torque is needed at the front or rear of vehicle, on an icy road for example, it transfers exactly what is required to maintain traction while still balancing that with the need for performance.

So, whatever winter throws at you, no matter how icy, wet or muddied the road may be, your Jaguar will excel all year round.

Why not try it for yourself?

Currently available for a variety of Jaguar models, including the F-TYPE, XE, XF and F-PACE!