Google Reveals Their Self-driving Bubble Car

Google have taken a new venture and are working on automotive bubble cars. The google car is a self-driving and a technological powerhouse. Googles has had a keen interest in the car industry for a while now and the latest addition has excited many car enthusiasts and technophiles worldwide.

This car has been kept no secret: It has a website, promotional films and a funky exterior but it is still not clear when it will be on sale. However, it is not short of criticism either, people are uncertain about a steer less system, no surprise after an altercation with a bus earlier this year. See the video below on how ordinary drivers got on with the self driving bubble car.


As you would expect, the Google car is fitted with maps and traffic systems in order to tell the car where to go. That’s not all:

The system also has a camera, GPS feeds and a highly complex picture software of the environment to predict expected car traffic, cyclists and stray dogs on the road.

Many rivals are now battling Google including electronic giants Bosch and Delphi and car giants including Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have also joined in.

However, Driveless cars are not yet legal in the US and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed this year that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ could be considered as a potential driver. So prototypes have been driven on public road but to be safe, they currently have removable steering wheels and pedals to comply with law.

The expected date for these cars is around 2020 and it is predicted that driverless cars will still not be legal by then, even if they appear viable and an exciting venture.​​ 

Source: Auto Express & Fast Code Sign