Used SEAT Mii for Sale

Our selection of SEAT Mii cars for sale in Scotland are not to be missed. We have a great variety of used SEAT cars in Aberdeen and Dundee ready for you to test drive. To learn more about one of our Approved Used SEAT Mii models you can enquire online or click here to contact your nearest John Clark SEAT dealer.

The SEAT Mii is a small, agile car that is perfect for cities. It's easy to park and manoeuvre, while still being roomy enough for four adults to feel comfortable.

The Mii has a range of 161 miles – enough for its class and most popular use cases. It will also be available as an all-electric vehicle from 2019 onwards. Pre-2019 models feature a 59bhp or 74bhp 1.0 litre engine. This does mean it’s a little slow, however, this will be more than enough for this style of vehicle. Both are three-cylinder petrol engines.

The Mii is great if you're looking for a vehicle that can zip around town with ease, but doesn't compromise on comfort.

This supermini will lose around half of its value in the first twelve months. This means picking up a used SEAT Mii is likely very affordable. One or two year old models are particularly appealing. They still have the manufacturer's warranty providing their mileage is still below 60,000. You will find cars of this class have low-ish mileage since they are generally driven in cities.

What Trims are Available for the SEAT Mii? 

The SEAT Mii is available in three trim levels: SE, SEL and FR. Each trim level offers different features on the vehicle. 

For instance, the entry-level SE trim it offers a fairly basic spec level. And is clearly reflected in its affordability. Likely too basic for most people though. It was also dropped from the range in October 2016. Then at the next level, Design Mii further enhances the trim. Picking up a used Mii post 2016 will have a solid trim level and level of equipment including air conditioning, and USB ports. The FR-Line brings it even further, with bigger brakes on both front and back axles and a sporty exhaust note among other features.

What Should I Keep an Eye Out for When Buying Used SEAT Mii?

Buying a used car is one of the most important transactions you'll make. The process can be complicated and intimidating. That's why it's important to always do your research before buying a used car. And that is no different when you are looking at purchasing a used SEAT Mii.

Here are some things worth checking when considering a purchase:

First of all, check the frame and body of the car. Since Mii’s are most commonly driven in cities you can find scratches or dents on the body. Look out for dodgy repair work too while inspecting the exterior. Along with the condition of the alloys if it has suffered ‘curbing’. These can all be negotiating points when it comes to price.

Also, make sure that the tires are not balding on the edges and that they have enough tread to last for at least six months. You should also check if there are any damages or dents on the exterior or interior.

There are a few Mii specific issues to consider, depending on the model you choose. Back in 2016, there was a recall for some models due to the sunroof not being securly stuck down. The 2017 model had a defective towing eye. Also, the 2020 model had reports of damaged battery cells. All this means is if you are picking up one of these models you might want to double-check these elements.