Used SEAT Alhambra for Sale

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Why Should I Buy a SEAT Alhambra?

SEAT Alhambras are an affordable option for those looking for a stylish, spacious car that features excellent fuel efficiency. SEAT vehicles are affordable to buy and run.

Alhambra’s are luxury cars that have been discontinued by SEAT. They are available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of a second-hand vehicle. It really does offer excellent value for money when it comes to entering the second hand market.

It’s an affordable people carrier that can bring a functional edge to your driving experience. The generous proportions it boasts will allow you to comfortably fit seven people. Since transporting groups of people is one of the main uses for this vehicle you will want to spend a little time during your test drive to ensure all seats work properly sliding back and forward as you would expect. Also take a look at the rear doors. These should slide electronically if you are lucky enough to pick up one of the higher end models.

If your needs are a little mixed you will always have the option to fold down rear seats, or remove them completely to suit your specific needs. Brilliant for carrying a whole load of camping gear for a long family weekend trip.

While the Alhambra was built with a focus on the functional benefits it can offer, later editions of this MPV did bring a more stylish edge to it. So, pick up one of the later models and you’ll benefit from a people carrier that is not only a practical choice but also brings a dash of style.

Reliability is something you would certainly look for when looking for a vehicle that you might take on road trips to more rural environments. The Alhambra faired pretty well in the Euro NCAP crash tests taking four out of five stars. It scored an impressive 89% in the adult category, 78% for children, 59% for vulnerable road users, and 62% for safety assist. All together this equals a solid vehicle, ideal for multiple purposes.

You will find this used SEAT on the market in a choice of two engines. One is a 2.0 litre diesel and the other is 1.4 TSI turbo. If you are between two models we would recommend opting for the two litre diesel for the extra power. Particularly handy if you are looking to carry heavy loads.

Also, despite its van-like shape, this people carrier drives surprisingly more like a car. It goes tight around corners and brings far more responsive handling than you would expect.