Used SEAT Ibiza for Sale

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The SEAT Ibiza is a small and affordable car that has been loved and made by the Spanish automotive manufacturer, SEAT since 1984. Launched in the Paris Motor show. 

Over this time the Ibiza has become a leading model in the SEAT range. It’s very likely that if you asked someone to name a car offered by this manufacturer it would be an Ibiza they would first come up with. 

No doubt this is thanks to its ability to balance aesthetics, performance, and intuitive design. This can be easily seen at a glace with Ibiza’s youthful and playful appearance. 

The SEAT Ibiza is available in many different trims to choose from the main options include S, SE, and FR. The SEAT Ibiza also offers a wide variety of engines which include a 95 HP 1.2L Turbo petrol engine or a 75HP 1.4L TSI petrol engine.​

Why Buy a Used Seat Ibiza? 

The used SEAT Ibiza presents the best option for the budget-conscious car buyer. In today's economy, people are looking for ways to save money. This is why buying a used SEAT has become a popular option. Not only will you benefit from the depreciation already being taken off of this model, but you will find running costs are actually very appealing. Fuel economy and resale values will pique your interest. Not exactly class-leading but definitely very affordable Supermini. 

It certainly excels when it comes to balancing affordability and design. Especially at this price point. This is, even more, the case if you pick up one of the more recent models as they bring an even more chic appeal. 

Moving away from financial factors you will find this Supermini also places comfort in the focus of what it brings to the table. This compact vehicle is equipped with all the features you need at a price that will not break the bank!

The Ibiza can get up to 51-54 miles per gallon making it the perfect commuter car. It has plenty of space inside too, so it's easy to pack your entire family in for an outing. This is owed to it being about four metres long. More than enough space for most tasks. 

The safety features in the SEAT Ibiza are at the forefront of innovation, with safety features such as lane assist, airbags, and much more.

Finding a reliable car that's economical on gas can be difficult, but the SEAT Ibiza may be the perfect solution. It considers the environment with CO2 emissions sitting around 92g/km. 

In terms of performance, you can expect the Ibiza to be at home in urban environments. Its tight body has a small turning circle which will come in handy and brings the agility required to effectively navigate busy traffic. You will have no problem with motorways, especially if you pick up one of the more powerful engines.

The cabin not only has a modern and attractive appeal but also lends itself to practicality. The dashboard has been considerably laid out with everything in easy reach to reduce driver distractions. The interior has also been finished with quality in mind to compliment the stunning exterior.  

Early models of Ibiza didn’t exactly inspire excitement. This is something that has been gradually introduced into this car over the years. Along with improvements to its drive quality.

Which SEAT Ibiza Trim Should I Buy?

There are a number of options available. Options include the E at the entry-level, S A/C, SE, and FR.

We start with the S Spec model at the entry-level. Now, while this model is on the lowest end of the trim levels doesn’t mean it is short of luxurious features. Key features include electric front windows and speed-sensitive power steering. Along with 14” steel wheels and a vast array of airbags.

If budget allows the S A/C upgrades the wheels to 15”, bringing in a volumetric alarm along with the other features aforementioned.

At the next level, we have the SE model. This upgrades the steel wheels to alloy and adds must-haves such as air conditioning, a leather steering wheel and gear knob, ESC, and electrically adjustable door mirrors that are also heated. You also have a trip computer and an outside temperature gauge. The SE is the most popular trim level given its balance of features and price.

Topping the Ibiza range we have the FR. This attractive trim further enhances the ride with 16” alloys, LED rear lights, a twin exhaust pipe, sports suspension, XDS, a coming home headlight function, and a SEAT Portable system including sat-nav and Bluetooth.

What Should I Look Out for When Buying a Used Ibiza?

Just like when buying any second-hand car when picking up an Ibiza there are checks you should make.

First up visually inspect the vehicle from the outside. An Ibiza is primarily used by city dwellers so scratched alloys, dents or scratched panels are not something that would come as a big surprise. When you do move to the interior remember to look at how it was treated by the previous owner.

Make sure you also take the car out for a test drive to ensure it matches your driving style. 

Also, check the service record to ensure it has been suitably maintained. Along with annual servicing see that it has had the cambelt changed after 60,000 miles or you may be in for an extra bill.