SEAT Design | A Closer Look

First impression is everything. That's why such meticulous attention-to-detail goes into every SEAT car, ensuring that its true character shines through from the first drive.

The immensely-talented SEAT design team immerse themselves in the process of sourcing inspiration for a new SEAT model and taking their ideas to the drawing board.

You may be surprised to learn that every design begins with a simple mark on paper, before it is finally crafted into a perfect prototype by a team of engineers and designers.

Computer aided design then plays a large part in bringing the full car together while HDVR technology allows engineers to visualise how the car will look, feel and perform from the inside.

SEAT Design Team

As Alejandro Mesonero, Head of Design in SEAT, says “we get inspired by everything we see and experience, and Barcelona is very present in our minds when we design, a city that we live and enjoy”.

From the SEAT Mii to the SEAT Ateca, it is exciting to see the imaginative influences that have made SEAT cars what they are today. For more information on SEAT cars, contact our dealers in Aberdeen, Dundee and Stirling today.